Black color nail polish display stand modern nail bar kiosk design

Many girls love to do the beauty nail. Some of them go to the beauty nail shop to do it and some of them do it themselves. You can buy some nail polish and do it yourself in your home. Some people do the beauty nail salon business, they offer beauty nail service and in the meantime, they can add some display area to sell the nail polish.

Below is a retail kiosk in the shopping mall to sell nail polish. Let us see this black color nail polish display stand modern nail bar kiosk design together.



First, the front side has three single counters. The middle one is for a small cashier counter that can put one computer on the countertop. On the other two sides is the display stand for the nail polish. It is a slope display for the nail polish on the countertop with a small lamp to light up the products. On the front of these three single counters, all have a logo.

On the back side is a row of the wall display cabinet. The display area of the wall display cabinet is the wooden display shelf with the led strip light on the top. In the middle of the wall display cabinet is a wall with a logo.



We can make a customized nail polish kiosk design for you. Please talk with the mall and get the location size and the details of the nail kiosk.

Our design team will make a new 3d model with your information and requirement. For the size, the color, and the style of the kiosk you can choose your favorite and let us know. The layout of the nail kiosk also can discuss and make as your need.

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