Creative Nail Beauty Kiosk Mall Manicure Bar Stand

Nail art can make more feminine, and finger makeup shows more femininity than any femininity. Its female concentration is the highest, far above lip gloss. It is said that the level of a woman is measured by the tip. The more delicate the tip, the more flavorful the woman is. Fingernails, toenails and hair are tied for three tips, and manicures account for 2 of them. Flowers must be accompanied by green leaves to be more energetic, and women are charming because of the embellishment of manicures.

Description of the nail kiosk

The nail kiosk is beautiful and attractive in customers’ visions. The main color tone of the kiosk is white and a little black and pink. The bottom kicking is blue light strip.

From the this view, the left sign is one baffle, and the baffle one half is black another half part is small shelf to show the nail polishes. The special sign with logo is at this baffle end. nail kiosk 1The front side has one sink, display showcases and one cashier register. The right side is pink 3D acrylic luminous logo, and left side is the beautiful nail beauty light box and the nail desk with places in the middle, besides, a L shape frame at the counter top is hanging 4 different colors lanterns, it is charming.

About the manicure kiosk back side, one corner is the L shape stool for customers to have a rest when they are waiting. Its beside is one display counter to show many kinds nail polish for staff to use them for customers conveniently. The kiosk has many cabinets for putting tools inside.nail kiosk 2

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nail kiosk 3

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