People are paying more and more attention to their beauty and health. There are many nail or pedicure service in the shop or street. Women like to make the manicure to make them beautiful everywhere, which can relax the mood. Some people, no matter men or women, they like to have a pedicure service to release teh pressure and also make the feet and body be more healthy after they have work all day or they are tired.  It is a good business in the mall if you have both nail and pedicure service. Now, a very fantastic nail and pedicure kiosk for you.

The introduction of the nail and pedicure kiosk

The introduction of the nail&pedicure kiosk

The nail and pedicure kiosk size is 10*10ft. The main color is white and pink, and it is a good color collocation, which can make people feel visually comfortable. We can see there are 4 seats for the nail service and 2 seats for pedicure service in this nail and pedicure kiosk. The space is enough for customers. In addition, for the work area, there is a cash register, a sink and some cabinets to display the nail polish, nail patch to customers for choosing, and some cabinets for storage the nail and pedicure tools and something. Even the size of the nail and pedicure kiosk is not too big, but its function and space is enough to offer the service and diasplay, it is so perfect. When the men accompany the women walk in the mall, the women want to make the nail beauty, then the men can choose have the pedicure service to have a rest and relax.

About the logo, there are two places to dispaly the logo. You can choose the material of the logo, such as acrylic. self-illuminated crystal characters, hollow out the font.

The introduction of the nail&pedicure kiosk


Look at another side, we can put the poster of the advertisement pictures and  make the light boxes to show advertisements. So the theme of the kiosk has been shown. Any information you want to express is no problem.  You just need to send the file for us, then we will make it into the nail and pedicure kiosk.




The ways to purchasing a nail and pedicure kiosk

It is a good choice to purchasing the nail and pedicure kiosk in the mall or in the street. The reason is that if you don’t have enough cost to open a store, you can begin the business from the kiosk. First, tell us the size and style you need, then we can design it base on your any ideas. To help you get the approval from the mall. If the mall has some requests, we can modify it to reach the mall standard. About the design fee is $300, it is a deposit when you place the order, we will return it to you.

The payment method is 50% before production, 50% before shippiung. We have many kinds of the payment, such as TT, credit card, paypal, Alibaba payment link. After the design is confirmed by you and the mall, we will produce the kiosk according to the technology drawing.

Please don’t worry about the packaging, we will pack it well for you with standard matrials, foam inside and wooden carton outside.

The ways to purchasing a nail&pedicure kiosk

Advantages of our kiosks

  1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and harmless MDF.
  2. High quality safety tempered glass.
  3. Antirust, fastness, noiseless and smooth hardware fitting.
  4. High power energy-saving LED light with various colors.
  5. Famous brand acrylic, hinge, sliding guide etc.
  6. 6.Modern , attaractive and high quality

Please let us know if you are interested in the nail&pedicure kiosk.

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