Hello, friend. It is my pleasure that you read this article now. Are you looking for a kiosk to open your business? Do you want to a custom company to customized for you? Today i am here to introduce a nice wooden nail kiosk for you. I hope it can help you to make a right choice.

Due to more and more women love beauty more than before. So more and more women like to do nails. And due to this reason, many business mans want to start his own business in this field. Now please read this article carefully. I think it very give you a idea!

Here are two pictures of the overall design:

nail kiosk designnail kiosk

This wooden nail kiosk:

As you can see, the whole kiosk’s color is very simple. It mainly use wooden color and a little bit black color. The layout also very simple. On the right side, there are five tables and chairs. The table all same, but the chair is not same. the chair use different color to make it. On the left side, there are also four tables and chairs what i said before. These chair’s color also different. Due to the chairs have different color, it make the whole kiosk look less monotonous. Next to it, have a cashier counter. What is more, in the kiosk have five chairs with different colors and next to every chairs have small wooden cabinets. This kiosk is very nice. In this area also have tv and have three showcases on the wall. It let whole kiosk more beauty. Do you like this wooden nail kiosk?

More details about it:

Here are two pictures about the cashier counter:

cashier countercashier counter

As you can see, the cashier counter is very nice, It put two posters on it or if you don’t want to put posters, it also can exchange for Led box. It put one is one the left side and one is on the back. And his shape is nice. On top we can put cashier and the following have a small cabinet can put some things you want to put.

This is a picture of the table:


As you can see, this table use three units to made it. It have some small cabinets to put some nail things to put it. And it have space to put customer’s legs. On tope the black area can use to put customer’s hands. the whole deisgn looks very resaonable and applied.

This is a picture of the cabinet:


As you can see, the whole cabinet have three small cabinets. The following have four corners to support. In the kiosk it put next to the chairs. This design can put some nail tools and other things and it good for the staffs to serive.

What we can apply for you?

We are a custom company and we have 11 years experience in this field.

The material we use:

The materials we use to your product all have high quality. This design we use the plywood to as the main material. And on the surface we will stick fireproof board.

The serice we apply:

We have a nice serives team, they will follow up your product process. When you want to start the cooperation with us and when we finished the cooperation, they always online to contact and help you. Also when you received the product, we have after-sales serives. If you have any question about the kiosk, just tell us, we will try our best to solve it. Besides, after you received the kiosk, if not man-made destroy, we have two years warranty.

The design team:

From the past to now, we have added more and more professonal designers. They have working many years in our company. And what the designs made, our customer all feel happy. When you want they make design for you, just tell them what your requirements and size. They will according your requirements to customized your own design for you.

Thanks your time to read it, I hope this aritce can help you to make a good choice. If you have any question, feel free contact us. Welcome inquiry!

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