Candy, we all know that it has a sweet taste. It can bring joy, happiness and satisfaction to people. It can make people become positive from negative emotions. No matter what age it is, children, adults or elderly people like to eat it. In fact, in addition to eating sweets, there is a sense of happiness and satisfaction. If you visit a candy store, you will feel the same.

You see, before you walked into the candy store, you were already overwhelmed with excitement and wanted to walk in and feel it. Forget the previous worries and unhappiness, just think about the happiness that candy brings you. Look, the two dolls at the door are also welcoming you!

Let’s go, go to the joyous candy world and have a look!


Brief introduction of interior decoration

Tornado shape cabinet

Walking into the store, you will immediately be attracted by this whirlwind-shaped candy cabinet. Those umbrella-shaped cabinets can no longer attract your attention.

Generally speaking, we buy items in stores, not just to meet demand. More is to experience the fun of discovering fun and new things. Just like the cabinet on the left, the shape can quickly attract people’s attention. Then people discover that it is actually a cabinet for sweets. He turned his attention to candy. Children like this kind of look very much. It will make them curious about it, and then they will have a desire to buy candy.


Vertical lollipop cabinet

Of course, in addition to the weird candy cabinets in the candy store, there should also be lollipop cabinets that fit the theme! Its appearance is eye-catching. It is also better to have a clear goal reminder while looking for candies. (If you don’t know what kind of candy to buy, buy lollipops.)There are other types of candy in the cubicle, which is more convenient for you.

And, look, the candy buckets tall by the wall. Is it particularly eye-catching? Anyone who sees this candy bucket for the first time can’t help but take out a phone to take a photo. Hope to keep this moment of happiness and surprise.


Candy kiosk

Let’s look at the last multi-layer candy cabinet. The colorful colors are so attractive. So many acrylic candy boxes can hold so many candies. It’s so convenient. Its main material is MDF, baking paint and stainless steel with good quality  and nice-looking. This kiosk not only can be placed in a candy store, but also can be placed separately in a supermarket. And the lollipop decoration on the top of the cabinet makes people want to buy at a glance.

  • Material:  Plywood
  • Surface finish:    Laminate, baking paint
  • Color: Colorful (It can be customized)
  • Content: Cabinets, drawers, mirrors, cushion, sink, glass box,  Led light, sockets
  • Production time: About 28 working days


Rest tables and chairs



When you are tired from shopping and want to find a place to rest. Here will provide you with the best service. Table tops with different colors are assembled together. While producing visual effects, it is perfectly integrated with the overall decoration of the store.




How to order these cabinets?

  1. Contact us. Tell me what kiosk size you need and your requirements. Send me your favorite kiosk picture. If you don’t have one, just tell me your requirements. Such as how many working seats you need.
  2. Pay a 300USD design fee. Our designer team will design the kiosk according to your requirements. Design time is about 2 working days.
  3. Confirm the design. You can send it to your mall for approval. If tey has any comments, you can tell me. We will modify the design until it gets approval.
  4. After the design is approved by the mall, you need to pay a 50% deposit. We will start production. And 50% balance payment before shipment.
  5. Arrange transportation. We can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.
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