Confectionery is a very popular business, and there are many kinds of snacks sold in it. Therefore, the display cabinets we need can also have different shapes and styles. In addition to candy, general candy shops also have some snacks and biscuits. Some will also sell toys because these two are things that children like. Putting it on some displays will also increase our sales. If you have plans to open a candy store, the first thing we need to do is to decorate the store and purchase the display furniture inside. Today I will introduce you to a relatively large candy store. We can clearly see its furniture and display effects through the design.

Candy Shop Retail Furniture

From the design drawing, we can see that there are many types of furniture in this candy store. Mainly divided into wall display cabinets and ordinary stands. The shape of the furniture in these two positions is also different. The one against the wall can be used as a display area for candy, such as a candy dispenser. Most of the candy dispensers are installed on the wall. They are like faucets. When the switch is turned on, a lot of candies will come out. Customers can control the quantity by themselves. The middle display can put some canned or boxed snacks. We can use the display cabinets at the door to display some toys, and we can also design decorative trees in the middle of the store, which can be used to attract the attention of children. The enclosure under the decorative tree can be a display cabinet or a seating area.

The style and quantity of display cabinets mainly depend on the size of our products and stores. So if you want to start a candy store, our suggestion is to make a design first.

Why design a candy store?

We all know that when many people have long-term contracts, the first thing they do is to design their stores. They often look for some custom-made furniture factories to do the design, because after the design is completed, they can directly produce the furniture. Do you know the benefits of design?

  1. The design is done in accordance with the floor plan of the store, which allows us to see the overall effect before buying furniture so that we can make better decisions.
  2. The furniture designed is fully in line with the size of our shop, and we can make good use of every space.
  3. We can choose the shape, color, and size of the furniture at will. We support modifying the design, and we can present all the ideas through the design.
  4. Confirm all the details. Includes furniture size, material, and price.

How to start design?

We are a professional manufacturer of confectionery furniture. We have our own factory and design team, they can create unique display furniture for us. If you have a store, you need to give us the floor plan of the store or the size of the store. The floor plan can help us accurately refer to the entire store. If you have a logo or any request, you can send it to us, and our designers will design it according to your requirements. You can also send us your product pictures. We can also design their model in the design. The design fee is based on the shop area. It gently is 500-800USD. When finish the design, you can check. If you have any comments, we can modify the design. So please don’t worry you don’t like it.

What is the furniture price?

Our furniture price depends on its size, material, and style. Before design, we don’t know what furniture we have. So it is difficult to give you the price. If you have your favorite candy display furniture, you can send me picture, we can give you an estimated price.

We have made a lot of unique furniture for many customers, and they are all very beautiful and of very good quality. We look forward to cooperating with you very much.



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