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Are you looking for a unique massage kiosk? Nowadays more and more massage kiosks and massage shops are opened to meet market needs. Massage as a good service for health is getting more and more popular. Today I want to share with you a unique massage kiosk design here.

Description of the massage kiosk


This massage kiosk diameter is 3m, comes with 4 massage stations around the circle. Different from many square or rectangular shapes, it used a round shape. The whole kiosk is a curved shape, seems very unique. It has 4 working areas in a different direction, clients and enjoys massage service separately. A computer on the counter table, people can watch TV at the same time, very relaxing.


The main color is light blue match white, looks very comfortable and nice. The brand sign on the top ceiling is red on top of a blue background. This massage kiosk design good for the first-floor location in the shopping center. Clients can see you easily from the floor and can also attract more clients. Each worktable separated by the brand logo wall in white color. The display cabinets also on both sides for storage, clients can also put their bags here and avoid stollen.

Design idea:

This design idea is from one of our customers, but our designer makes it more modern and attractive. At first, the customer tells us she only needs a massage kiosk that people can view directly. The color should match her logo color. Our design team is very professional and comes up with new designs every day. They spend 3 workdays to make the 3D design model. And sent for approval. Our customer likes it very much and makes it immediately. Whenever you thought, they can make it come true. And we can even help you make changes to find a good solution.

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Here share more info about it:

  • size: Diameter 3m
  • material: E1 MDF, white baking paint, blue baking paint
  • Accessories: Locks, handles, acrylic logos
  • design time: 2-4 working days
  • production: 18-22 working days after payment
  • shipping: By sea, depends on which port
  • package: Inside foam and outside wooden cases.
  • Function: Provide massage service and advertise brand culture.

The main material of the massage kiosk is MDF, it is a very good material to make different shapes. In order to get a perfect kiosk effect, we recommend using shiny baking paint. It looks smooth and catches people’s eyes attention so much. It is widely accepetable in the shopping center. Stainless steel kicking mainly used to protect the kiosk, so it can last for a long time. Acrylic logos become more and more popular nowadays. When turning on the light, it will give you a different feeling.


Q1: How much this massage kiosk?

A1: price depends on its size and style, so let’s confirm style and size firstly, then we can get an estimated price for you

Q2: How long I can receive the kiosk after place an order?

A2: production time about 22-25 working days, shipping time will need according to your location to check.

Q3: How to install the kiosk when received?is it complicated?

A3: considering shipping, we will divide the kiosk into several sections,  and number each section with 1,2,3,4…., then will write an install guideline, you just follow guidelines put them together they can use them, very easy.

More massage kiosk show

massage kiosk massage counter

mall massage kiosk massage kiosk

We not only make massage kiosk design but also build them in real life. Our workers are highly trained and have full experience in making massage kiosks. You can choose the one you like and make changes to start a business. All the steps in taken photos for confirmation. When you need such a unique massage kiosk, please don’t hesitate to order one. Thank you.

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