15ftx20ft high-quality wood kiosk for massage kiosk in shopping mall

Sometimes, we feel very tired and exhausted after working, traveling or going shopping. At this time, maybe massage is a good way to get out of fatigue.

However, most of massage display showcases in the shopping mall. 1) it will take less rent of a kiosk  to do business than a store.   2) it will show kiosks in all the angles, passers-by can notice it when they pass by.

We have done different open style massage kiosk to the USA, but some customers prefer to protect customer’s privacy, they would like to build higher walls for their massage kiosks. Like below kiosk, which with too much high walls around it.

It is a 15ft x 20ft mall wood kiosk in the shopping mall. The high of wall is 170cm. There are four small rooms for massage chairs, each room with lamp and wall to separate both rooms. Also, the entrance door of those rooms are transparent doors. Just 2/3 as transparent door, the rest part is wood. As I talked it with my customer, why to do transparent door? 1. people can see inside from external, they know it is for massage. 2. It good protect clients privacy while being safe.

The other single room is a massage bed, next to single room are two display shelves to sell products. Then it is the reception desk. We can see that it with 5 round lightboxes, stickers on the walls. It creates vitality in the kiosk, due to all the parts in white.

massage kiosk

Yeah, it is very different with other massage kiosks in the mall. Each one with different ideas and requests, Shenzhen Unique company is professional do customized furniture more than 10years. If you have any demand, welcome to inquiry! We will design new furniture for you.





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