Transparent Glass Top Bakery Kiosk Indoor Cake Counter

Pastries and snacks have long been the mainstay of people’s dessert afternoon tea after meals. Now you can sell your delicious pastries in the mall without opening a store. You only need a unique cake kiosk to start your business.


I believe that when you want to start your own new business, you may be affected by the high rent of the store. You also need to consider the entire cost of the location of the store. Compared with the store, the kiosk will make it easier for you to start a business. The bakery kiosk we designed is an indoor style with a clear glass top, which is very suitable for placing in high ceilings or light-transmitting locations in shopping malls.

The internal layout of the Kiosk is very simple, similar to many kiosk designs. The front counter is the cashier area and the products display area. Because cake products need to be kept fresh, a refrigerator that can be displayed and refrigerated is designed and placed next to the cash register.

The counter in the back row is the preparation area for cake production. We can design and layout the equipment according to your needs. You only need to tell us your requirements. The side of the Kiosk is designed as a seating area, which is convenient for customers to rest or taste after ordering.



The overall frame of the kiosk is the highlight of the whole design. The theme counterpart of the kiosk is made of wood-colored plates, while the top frame is made of black metal. The contrast between the two different materials can highlight their respective characteristics. The metal frame also strengthens the structure of the kiosk, allowing it to last longer. Your logo and menu can also be mounted on the top frame to take advantage of the space.

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