Shopping mall bakery kiosk bread glass display showcase

Nowadays, life style is becoming more and more westernized. And many people usually start the day with bread for breakfast. If you’re not sure what to eat, baking yourself some buttered toast or bread is also a classic and quick way to satisfy hunger.

But if you don’t have the time to cook breakfast, you can go to the shopping mall or a bread store to buy it directly. Many people choose to make a bread kiosk in the shopping mall to start a business instead of a bread store. Below let us check a bread kiosk design to get some ideas.



The layout of this bread kiosk is s cashier area, bread glass display showcase and on the countertop has a glass cover that can display the bread also.

The surface finish of this bread kiosk is the solid wood strip. On the back side has a blackboard that can write the menu.

Then it can let the customer choose and order the food that they want. On the bread kiosk, we add the logo then the customer can know your brand.



You can check some bread kiosk designs on our website. Or contact us to send more designs for your reference. Meanwhile, we offer a customize 3d bread kiosk design service. The customer can send the location size to us. Our design team can make a new 3d bread kiosk with the size you want.

If you have the equipment list, please send it to us also. When our designers make the 3d bread kiosk design, they can leave enough space for your machines. And we will install the sockets for them so that you can connect the machine directly. We will install a whole bread kiosk in our factory.

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