We all know that bread is often used as our breakfast or afternoon tea dessert, it is very common in our lives. In addition to the bakery, there is also some bread kiosk in the mall selling snack foods such as bread, juice, coffee, etc. The structure of the kiosk in the mall is similar to the bar in the store. All of our equipment and machines can be put into kiosks, and customers can complete a whole set of processes, ordering and taking meals, etc. Different shopping malls have different rules. When we start a business inside, we also need to make our kiosk according to their requirements.

Bread Kiosk Details

This kind of kiosk-style is very common and popular, it is white and wood color combine, with back wall and top. At the top, we can put a logo on the menu and lightbox. The back wall is some shelves, we can put our raw material or our tools.  At the front are the cash counter and bread display cabinet. They are all ready-made beards. So customers can choose the bread they like and check out directly. The Left and back counter is our working area, we can put our machines on the countertop or under the counter. The sink for the food kiosk is essential because we need to wash our objects or hands frequently.

At the back is the seating area, where people can dine or rest. This is a very useful design.



Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Countertop: Stone

Logo: Acrylic luminous logo

Others: Light, stainless steel toe kick, decoration board


Juice & Coffee Kiosk Production

The substrate of this kiosk is plywood, and the surface treatment is laminate. Most of the laminates are wood-grain colors, and there are fewer solid color options. So if we prefer wood color, we can use this material. The process of laminate is more complicated and tedious, and it takes more time. When we make the wooden cabinet, we will first arrange the wires inside to facilitate our subsequent operations such as installing lights and logos.

In addition to lights and logos, we also provide and install sockets and sinks. We will assemble and test the circuit before shipment, so you can see a complete kiosk.

Kiosk Assemble

Considering the transportation, we need to unpack the kiosk, and each separate cabinet is packed in wooden boxes. Inside is pearl cotton and foam board, our cabinets are all processed, so they are very safe.

When you receiving the goods, you can put the separate cabinet together, then connect the connector between them. Then connect the main wire to the power supply of the mall, and it will work. Basically, all kiosk installation methods are the same. But because of different designs, some require screws to fix. Therefore, the specific installation method also depends on the final design.

Order  Shopping Mall Kiosk

If you have a space in the mall and you need to make the kiosk design, you can send us your location size, your business and your requirements. We can design the kiosk according to your ideas. If you have some big machine, you can tell me size, we will also design in the kiosk and leave some space for them. The kiosk we finally got is absolutely in line with our requirements.

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it inlcudes 3D design and the construction drawings, you can send them to your mall for approval. After the audit is passed, we can start production, and the production time is about 28 working days. We can also shgip the goods to your country. You can get everything here.


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