New style bread kiosk fast food coffee shop counter design

Bread is a favorite food of many people. Bakery shop is a professional field. As long as you make delicious bread, there will be customers. It is not wrong to say that, but it ignores many preconditions. In addition to site selection, decoration and so on, service and marketing aspects can not be omitted.  

If you want to open a bread kiosk or a bread shop, we can give you some suggestions for it. Here let us check a new style bread kiosk fast food coffee shop counter design together.



Look at the design of this bread shop, the first thing is the storefront of the bread shop. On the top of the bread shop has a shop sign then the customer can know your brand name or your shop name. And then, the right picture below is the dining area of the bread shop. Some dining tables and chairs, against the wall has a display shelf to put some foods.

The most important part is the service counter of the bread shop. When the customer enters the bread shop, they will see the food counter and order the food here. The size of this bread food counter we can make it according to shop size or as your need.

On the front side has a glass display showcase for some bakery foods like bread, cake etc. Next to the bread glass display showcase is the cashier area. On the back wall has the menu, so that the customer can see and order what they want.



The material of the bread shop food counter we will use is plywood and the surface is solid wood strip.

For the countertop, we usually use man-made stone. On the back are the food preparation counter and the water sink.

It has a metal frame hanging on the ceiling. Then you can hang some lighted box or menu etc.


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