Tea retail in mall is one of the special business in mall. Sometimes the minority does not mean that the business ideas are not good, or not too many customers. This minority means you have less competition, and you have more accurate customer form one certain location.

Mall Used Tea Retail Kiosk Design

We used to build a high-level Tea kiosk for the first brand in Australia: Adore tea. That is a similar kiosk concept as this one If you want to see the kiosk drawings, welcome to contact. Green tea or flavor tea business in mall are very smart business ideas. You do not need to go to open a high volume with high competition business. Find a compatagive lowe competitive, you will always have a good business and profit.

The constructor of this Tea Kiosk :

  • Huge selling counters in the front
  • 1* business money counter
  • 1* entryway in the opposite side
  • 1* hand wash sink counter
  • In the back counter there is vast extra room for cooler, machines, with back sprinkle board on the top.
  • Fine structured Menu board set on the ledge.
  • It is alright for us to giving a seat a chance to purge in front counter for cake show, espresso producer, cooler, prep-table, and fridge.

Tea Kiosk Toe kickplate:

  • 4″- – 6″ tallness hard wood toe kick, B1 standard, treated with hardened steel edge
  • To be hard, sturdy, high caliber and water safe, for example, metal or overlay.
  • Electric Plan And System Installed in a Tea station :
  • Lighting gadget, multi-work attachments, switches, spillage defender and outside links accessible

Self-serve Water Cycle System:

  • Twofold sinks with hot and cold water taps
  • A new water tank, a waste water tank
  • 12V smaller than usual water siphon, 12V power connector
  • On/off control switch

Nourishment Kiosk Color and Tea bar surface finish

  • Distinctive hues are accessible.
  • Different color available
  • All wooden lamination available
  • Cheery wood, oak wood, birch wood veneer finish

 Kiosk Countertop material :

  • 1) Solid surface material, for example, Corian, Wilsonart, Formica…
  • 2) Stone: characteristic stone, fake stone…
  • 3) Marble, stone
  • 4) Metal: 304 tempered steel, 201 treated steel;
  • 5) Hardwoods: powder, oak, cherry…

How to Assemble our tea kiosk when you receive it :

  • Our stands are sent prepared to amass.
  • Our stand takes around 5 minutes each for a learner to amass.
  • We send them unassembled to shield them from transportation harm and help continue shipping costs moderate.

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