Special Effect Tea Kiosk Teapot Booth Style for Sale

Do you plan to open a nice tea kiosk in the shopping center? Everyone likes a nice teapot kiosk to start a business. Today, I want to share a nice teapot kiosk sharing to you. You can use it to sell green tea, bubble tea, and even coffee. Let’s view more information together.

green tea kiosk

Introduction of the teapot kiosk

As we can see in the design, this tea kiosk is round. It has a teapot spout and teapot handle, looks like a large teapot, very attractive and unique. It has two sales windows, one is for order and paying cash, but another is for picking up tea. The handle connects to a round teapot lid ceiling decoration. It has a camera on the top for safety insurance.

tea shop furniture

Working counter

This tea kiosk has round counters with bottom display shelving. The cashier counter is set on the front side. While the water sink is placed on the side counter. Coffee machine and kettle set in the suitable area. There is a moveable sneeze guard on the countertop, so clients won’t be close to the working area. Customers also can’t see employees working.

tea cabinet

Material details

The main material is MDF, we can use it to make the wood body and the surface is high glossy baking paint. If you want a better effect, we recommend using Fiberglass as the basic material. Besides, glass is frosted glass with metal support, which can remove according to your needs.

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