Tea is a traditional Chinese drink. It has many functions and applications. In addition to being soaked in boiled water, it can also be made into bubble tea. It is one of the most important ingredients in bubble tea. There are many types of tea, and different types have different tastes and effects. Among the raw material of bubble tea, oolong tea and black tea are the most used.

The benefits of drinking tea

  1. Prevent cancer
  2. Increase bond density
  3. Lower cholesterol
  4. Increase cardiovascular disease
  5. Improve bad breath
  6. Prevent periodontal disease
  7. Prevent gout
  8. Eliminate fat

In addition, tea is very good to drink, bitter with astringents, is a good solution to greasy drinks. I personally like drinking tea.  Tea is very popular in China and some tea with high value. But its sales are very high, basically, every store has tea.

Today I want to introduce you is the tea kiosk. It specializes in selling all kinds of tea.

From the design, this kiosk structure is very clear. Back wall with shelves, top with some spotlights, a display stand, and two display tables. Its main color is wood and black, on the black wall we can put a big poster as decoration. The poster contains can be the raw material of tea. As we all know, tea is like leaves, usually frown in tea fields, surrounded by green tea leaves, it is very beautiful.
There are many kinds of packaging methods for tea. Bagged, canned, or boxed. It is often used as a gift. So some are also packaged in gift boxes. When we show it, we can put it on top of the shelves.

When we sell a product, we often derive another related product. For example, in addition to mobile phones, mobile phone shops also sell mobile phone accessories, and optical shops sell glasses and eye drops. While we sell tea, we can also sell thermos cups or tea sets.

The most important thing about drinking tea is the taste, not every kind of tea meets the taste of customers. So while selling tea, you also need to set up a tea tasting area.

Customers can try different flavors of tea so that they can buy what they like. This is also a good experience for customers. So we can set up a tea tasting area in the middle of the kiosk. The table in the middle also has storage space. We can store products or customers’ personal belongings.

Kiosk Size: 4x4m

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Logo: Luminous logo

Others: Spotlight, sticker




The design of the kiosk is flexible and it can be adapted to any product. So if you don’t see the kiosk showing your product on our website, please don’t worry, contact us and tell us your request. We can create a new one according to your product and requirements.

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