Wooden style green tea kiosk retail drinks booth in the mall

Tea has a long history and is one of the most widely consumed beverages. Not only does tea play an important role in social interaction, but its flavor and potential health benefits have also made it so popular. Tea can quench thirst, reduce heat, reduce the body’s anger, but also can dissipate food, get rid of the taste of the mouth. Meanwhile, the benefits of tea are more than that. A cup of tea a day can improve cardiovascular health, research has found. Drinking tea regularly can slow down the aging of the human body.


Tea is good for our health, so if you want to start a drinks kiosk business. I think a tea kiosk is not a bad idea. You can establish your own tea brand and find a location to start your own business. It is better to find a location in the shopping mall and have some space for customers to sit and have rest. This tea kiosk size is 4 x 3m and the material is plywood with laminate. For the countertop of the tea kiosk, we will use black color quartz stone.


No matter you want to start what kiosk business, we need to make the 3D  tea kiosk design first. For a customized 3D design it will charge a 300USD design deposit. Our designer will make the 3D design customize with your size and if you have your own brand logo, we can add it to the tea kiosk.



When we finish the tea kiosk we will pack the whole kiosk divided into a few parts. For the package of the tea kiosk, we will use foam inside and a wooden box outside.



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