Green Color Bubble Tea Cup Decoration Display to the USA

bubble tea cup display

Do you like bubble teacup decoration? With the improvement of people’s aesthetics, the decoration of the store is becoming more and more luxurious. We can choose unique decorations to decorate our store to get more customers. Unique decoration can also make customers trust us and make the store look more high-end. Next, I am glad to share a bubble tea display here.

Birth of bubble teacup stand

This bubble teacup model is made for clients from the USA. The owner wants a unique and attractive teacup in front of the shop so that consumers can view his business first eyesight. As a custom kiosk factory, we make a lot of unique decorative counters. Therefore, the designers made models for confirmation. The owner likes it very much as it matches his bubble tea shop very well.

decoration kioskIntroduction of bubble teacup display

As we can see in the design, this bubble tea cup kiosk is in green color. The diameter is 800mm, and the height is 1650mm including straw decoration.  It has a brand sign with a colorful line to decorate the cup body, and the bottom has black pearl decoration making the milk teacup look more realistic.

Material information

We use MDF to build the kiosk body, and the surface uses high glossy baking paint. The color can be customized based on special needs. The logo is directly pasted on the model surface, which is very convenient. Besides, we can also add lighting decoration if in need.

Produce show

If you want to view more details, just contact us. We will also keep you updated when making your kiosk

bubble tea decoration tea cup model

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