Sunshine Store Colorful Bubble Tea Kiosk Juice Bar For Sale In New York

Modern people are increasingly pursuing a healthy diet, and freshly squeezed juices are beginning to be welcomed by consumers. If you want to open a freshly squeezed juice store, what is the general cost? Because some people don’t like to eat fruits nowadays, the freshly squeezed juice has appeared, so that children can drink healthy and delicious freshly squeezed juice. Freshly squeezed juice is different from ordinary milk tea shops. It requires more health and greenness. So, let’s analyze the cost of opening a freshly squeezed juice shop.

How to start the squeezed juice business?

If you want to open a freshly squeezed juice store, you must have your own store. If you are in the same city, choose different locations and rent shops of different sizes, the rent will also vary. Moreover, the price of freshly squeezed juice stores is relatively higher than that of ordinary milk tea. Therefore, consumers are required to have a certain consumption capacity. Therefore, the general freshly squeezed juice stores will choose to be inside the mall, so take a mall in a second-tier city Internally. For a shop of about 20 square meters, the monthly rent may cost about 5000-7000USD.

The design of the sunshine store juice kiosk:

This is a unique design Colorful tea kiosk juice bar build for a US customer. And the kiosk was installed in New York.

As we all know the US is a higher standard market. They have a lot of requirements in a mall kiosk, especially for food kiosk and beverage kiosks.  So when designing this tea kiosk, we choose the material carefully and exactly following the mall criteria.

The size of this kiosk is 15*12 ft. But we can adapt this kiosk design into any size you need. This site is just to give ideas of the juice tea kiosk design.

The countertop and front part of the kiosk is made of man-made stone. Therefore the surface is solid and smooth.

When designing this kiosk, we have a big problem is, there’s an existing power box in the part of the kiosk, and it’s in white color, So our designer adapt this power box as part of the kiosk, As you still can see from the blow image two. There a white power box in the middle of the two lighted box.

Another special material used on this tea kiosk is 3D illuminated stone, after finish, it’s very beautiful, if you want to start a tea kiosk design or find a tea kiosk manufacturer, just contact us for more details.

How to start to design a juice kiosk for the mall?

To start the 3d design is the first step for us if you want to open a juice kiosk in the shopping mall.

For the juice kiosk 3d design we will charge 300USD design deposit. But it will return to you when you order.

Yes, so we offer a free customized design service. And we are the direct factory so we offer the best factory price for you.

We will send the 3d design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee.

After you check the design if you think it is not good. We will change the design to your idea or we can discuss how to make it good.

When we confirm the final 3d design, we will quote the exact cost to you. And if you need the construction drawing to send to the shopping mall for approval, we will send it to you. Thanks a lot!

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