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Sunglasses are essential accessories for modern people. When we go out to play, go to the beach, or outdoor activities, we can use sunglasses. We can choose different styles and different colors of sunglasses to match our clothing. You can also choose sunglasses as a birthday gift for friends or relatives.
Opening an optical shop is good business. If you can rent a location close to office buildings, bustling streets, large shopping malls or schools, I believe this business will bring you a good income.

Sunglass shop design:

Please take a look at the 3D design drawing below. This is a famous glasses shop that is open next to a busy street. The owner of this store not only sells sunglasses but also sells glasses for myopia and some watches and pocket watches. On the wall, you can see a test table for testing eyesight, a simple black cash register. We have display cabinets around the whole store to display all kinds of glasses. So customers can intuitively see and choose the style and style they want.

In addition to these, there are 2-3 information desks and waiting areas where customers can have one-on-one consultations with shop assistants. In the middle of the showcase, we will have a mirror, customers can try on glasses and see the effect. It can be said that the mirror is one of the indispensable tools for optical shops and jewelry shops.

What can our company do for you?

Our company can design an entire optical shop for you and give a complete set of design solutions. Including 3D renderings, store floor plans and construction drawings. Generally, we will charge a design fee of US$500 for store design, but it will be deducted from the total amount after the order is placed. So it’s actually free. After confirming the 3D renderings, we will make construction drawings and floor plans, and provide a quotation accordingly. Then we can start production.




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