Rice is used as a staple food in China. We eat rice for lunch and dinner. Rice is an easy-to-satisfy food, it needs to be used with some side dishes. If it is sold as rice, it is generally used as a rice ball, mixed with some ingredients. They taste very delicious. What I want to introduce today is a kiosk that sells rice and yogurt.
The position of this kiosk is against the wall, so our back wall can be made higher. The location of the kiosk will affect its overall design. Our customer contacted us and told us all her requirements. She has her own brand, the brand logo, mascot, color, etc. is very clear. So we have sufficient information when designing.

Rice Kiosk Details

The main colors of this kiosk are purple and white. In the design process, we added the element of solid wood, which is very beautiful. It looks very advanced. When designing, we will consider the customer’s business and the machine. We will also design the customer’s machine into the kiosk so that we can ensure that when the customer receives the goods, the position of the machine inside is appropriate.
From the design drawing, we can see that there is a bar in front of the kiosk, where customers can order food, and we can also give the packaged physical items to customers. When we put a sticker with the customer’s brand logo on the baffle glass, it can be used as a decoration on the one hand, and the customer’s brand has also been developed.

Behind the kiosk are some large machines and sinks. We all know that the sink for the food kiosks is indispensable. Our food and hands need to be cleaned frequently. So we can put some sinks in the back. If you have a refrigerator, you can also put it under the counter.

Size: 10x20ft

Basic material: Plywood, MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, laminate, solid wood,

Countertop: Man-made stone

Glass: 8mm Tempered glass

Skirting: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic logo

Others: Lightbox, stocker, anti-jam steam pan

Yogurt Kiosk Production

After the kiosk completes the design, it needs to be reviewed by the mall or the landlord, and we can only start after the review is passed. After we confirm the order, we will prepare the production of the kiosk. We have our own factory, and all kiosks are made by hand. Material and quality are strictly controlled. Before construction, we will check the drawings. After confirming every detail and material, we will start production after there is no problem. You need to provide a logo PDF file, a poster image of a menu, or a lightbox. We will also send you a confirmation when we choose the color. Our production is transparent, and you can check the status of your goods at any time. We will install glass, logo, lightbox painting, socket, and sink, etc. So when you receive the goods, you only need simple assembly.

Kiosk Assemble

Since the size of the kiosk is relatively large, we need to divide the production into several cabinets and pack them separately when packing. When you receive the goods, you need to put the separate cabinets together according to the position of the design drawing. Then connect the connectors under them. Our main wire is under the cabinet of the cash register. You need to connect it to the power supply of your local.
If you still don’t understand, we can send you a video after the production is completed. You can also ask us if you don’t understand after receiving the goods.

Order Process

  1. Tell me what size you need and your requirements. If you have a logo or your favorite kiosk picture, you can also send us. Our designer will design the new kiosk according to your size and requirements. The design time is 2-3 working days.
  2. Confirm design and ger approval. Our production time is 28 working days.
  3. Finish production. We will ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.


Design fee: 300USD. It allows modification.

Kiosk price: It depends on the final design.

Payment method: For the design fee, we support PayPal, tt wire transfer, and western union.



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