Yogurt is a very delicious dairy product. With the development of the times, its types have also been upgraded, with many more ingredients and flavors. So it is very popular. Almost every shopping mall has a stand selling yogurt. Considering the superior selling conditions of the mall, many people want to start their business in the mall. Yogurt is one of them. When we want to start a business in a mall, a lot of processes are required. The first step is to sign a contract with the mall. Only after signing the contract, we can get the position. The size of the yogurt display stand is determined according to the location of our mall. Next, I will introduce what to do when we get to the location of the mall.

Make A Yogurt Display Stand Design

The main business introduced today is yogurt. If you are selling yogurt and got a 5x3m position in the mall. At this time, we must prepare the stand design. This design must comply with the guidelines of the mall, the size of our location, and our business. When we are buying yogurt, we must use some machines to help us work. So when we are designing, you need to tell the designer the size of the machine you are using, and they will design the model of the machine in the kiosk to reserve space for them.


Just like this yogurt display stand below, its size is 5x3m. We can see that in front of it is a refrigerator displaying yogurt, which is generally provided by the customer. We will design the machine. Next to the machine is the counter where the cash register is placed. We also designed topping on the countertop, which is very popular. Many ice cream kiosks and milk tea kiosks have set this.

There are work counters on the side and back. We can put small machines on it, tools or our raw materials can be put in the cabinet. We designed the back wall to display the lightbox paintings. The content of the lightbox paintings can be pictures of menus and popular products. Ceramic tiles are very popular with the public. One is of good quality, and the other is beautiful.


The most important point is the exterior decoration of the stand. The color of the stand is also one of the decorations. There are many options for stand colors, and we can use any color we want. The logo is essential for every stand. They are generally installed on the outside or top of the stand. The lightbox is also one of the decorations, which allows customers to see what we are selling from a distance.

Yogurt Display Stand Production

After the design is completed, we can send it to the mall for review. After the approval, you can then hand over the production of the stand to us. The production time is about 28 working days.  In addition to the machine, we can provide and install everything. Of course, if you need it, we can also help you buy it.

This stand material is MDF and baking paint. This material is very commonly used in kiosks. Sometimes we also use plywood and laminate, this can be done according to the requirements of the mall. When we start production, you need to provide the original logo PDF file and the menu or product pictures you want to display. The pictures must be high-definition. We will print it out and install it on the stand.

In addition to the logo, we will also install sockets. The sockets use your country’s standards. Due to the different voltages in different countries, we will also install transformers on the stand. So it can be used normally in your country.

Yogurt Display Stand Assemble

Installation is very simple. As I said earlier, we will install everything. When you receive the goods, you only need simple assembly. There are joints at the bottom between our adjacent cabinets, you need to connect them. The entire cabinet is operated like this. When all the plugs are connected, there is a main wire inside the cashier cabinet, just connect it to the power supply of the mall.

If you think the video is easier to understand, we can send you the video when the production is completed. You can also tell us if you have any questions after receiving the goods.

About transportation

If you have a freight forwarder, when we complete the goods, you can let it come to our factory to pick up the goods. If you need us to help you transport, you can tell us the name of the nearest port. We will help you arrange transportation. The shipping time depends on your country.

Yogurt Display Stand Design details

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it includes 3D images and the construction drawings. These materials meet the requirements of the mall review. Design time is about 2-3 working days. If your mall has any comments, we can also modify the design. And when we place an order, the design fee will be deducted from your balance payment.

Stand Price

Our stand price based on its size, material, and style. If you want to know the price, you can tell me what size you need, or send me your favorite stand picture. We can give you an estimated price. The exact price is based on the final design.



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