Beautiful Frozen Yogurt kiosk for Ice Cream Business

Nothing better than eating some ice cream or frozen yogurt in the summer. So the ice products are so popular this season. The corresponding business becomes very profit money make.

Now, I will introduce a beautiful yogurt kiosk in Mall to you. First, We can see the kiosk is the main white color with some wood grain. Second, The counter table has a lighted blue strip light to decorate. Third, a tall stand with a letter logo and several TV players will show the food-making process and your brand culture. It is an image wall.

yourget kiosk

More detailed information

First of all, the kiosk has a gold stainless steel door and some machines near the high stand. On the front side, we can also see the logo, a glass cabinet, and some stainless steel ice cream boxes on the countertop. You can see the water sink and other food machines on the right side. On the left side, we can see the cashier register on the countertop, this is a cashier area.

yourget kiosk

Design process

When we are designing, our designers will reserve enough place for your machine on the counter table. So you need to tell me the machine list in advance. For the professional design, you need to pay the design fee, vary from 300$ to 800 $. It depends on the size and shape. The design deposit will refund the kiosk cost after you place an order in our company. Importantly, the design ideas come from you, so you need to talk about more detail and requirements with us.

yourget kiosk

Description of the ice cream kiosk

  • Material: plywood, stainless steel, luminous logo, solid wood, socket, water sink, lock, and key, 8mm tempered glass, and other hardware
  • Size: 15x10ft or customize
  • Design: 3d design, about 3-5 working days
  • Shipping time: about a month
  • Production time: about 22-28 working days
  • Skirting area: stainless steel and luminous strip light
  • Production process: our salespeople will keep you in contact all the time and send you the production photos of every step


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