We have made many sets of this type of yogurt kiosk, and its layout and display are all convenient and attractive. It is divided into two parts, one is an ice cream self-service machine, customers can make their own ice cream. The other part is a yogurt kiosk. Customers can then pay and buy yogurt and the flavors they want.

Now kiosk is very popular in shopping malls, especially snacks and drinks. Yogurt can be said to be a dessert category, with a delicate taste, sweet and sour, very delicious. So yogurt kiosk is very popular in shopping malls.

We are a manufacturer of a kiosk in a shopping mall, so I will tell you about our ordering process. First, let us introduce this kiosk.

Frozen Yogurt Kiosk Details

When we only make food and snacks, we will definitely use some machines. So we must first consider the size and placement of the machine. Our kiosk must have a suitable space to place our large machines, which requires us to make a design. If we have a lot of ice cream machines, the mall will not allow it to be exposed to the public’s view, so we need to make a cover stand to cover the machine, leaving only the ice cream mouth in front. When we make this cover stand, we must consider the size of the machine, and we will first make a design based on the size. The kiosk is also the same. After the design is completed, it needs to be reviewed by the mall and can be produced after the review is passed.

For kiosk, we also need a countertop to work, such as storing other machines and cashier counters. For kiosk and cover stand, we can choose the color we like, add a logo, lightbox or sticker, it will become very attractive, and customers can also clearly know what we are selling.  We can also set up a seating area on the side of the kiosk, which will be more popular with customers.

Size: 5x6m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Countertop: Stone

Logo: Acrylic

Others: Sticker, LED light, lightbox, sink, sockets, topping container



Frozen Yogurt Stand’s Design

We are a custom company, all of our kiosks are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. If you want to build a mall kiosk, we have to make a kiosk design first. Because we need to send to the mall for approval.

We will get a location in the mall, the size of this location is the size of the kiosk. We need to design a kiosk that meets the requirements of the mall and our requirements according to its size. So design is necessary.

In addition to designing according to our desired style and color, we also need to know the size of the machine so that we can leave a suitable space. When we start using kiosks, there will be no errors. You can send us your logo and your big machine dimension. So we can make a design.

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it includes the 3D image and the construction drawings, You can send them to the mall. If the mall has any comments, we can modify the design until it passes. So you don’t have to worry about whether you don’t like the design or fail the mall review.

Kiosk Production & Assemble

We have our own factory, and our workers will produce according to the approved drawings. You need to send us your logo source file. The surface treatment of the kiosk is baking varnish. The baking varnish has many colors. We will confirm the color with you before starting to paint. We will install lights, logos, sockets, stickers, and lightboxes, etc. So when you receive the goods, you don’t need to install them, you just need a simple assembly.

Place the separate cabinets according to the design drawing, connect the connectors at the bottom of them, and connect the main wire at the bottom of the cash register to the mall.

If you still don’t understand, we can provide an installation video.



If you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we can help you transport it. The shipping cost depends on the volume of the goods and your country. When the goods are produced, we can get the packing list, you can send us your port or your specific address, and we can check the freight. The transportation time is 25-40 days.


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