Brown Wood and Tile Frozen Yogurt Kiosk Design

frozen yogurt kiosk

Frozen yogurt and roll-up ice cream are popular in the world. Especially in hot weather, frozen yogurt brings us a cool feeling. Today, I want to share a nice frozen yogurt kiosk sharing with you. You can use it in the shopping center, food court, events, and large food shops.

The layout of the food kiosk

Front view

We can see there are machines on the front side, there is a wall plate with a tempered glass panel on top. On the right hand has a water sink for usage, while the left hand is placed for the cashier counter

frozen yogurt cabinetSide view

We can use both sides for work, place equipment on or under the counter table. We can also add a cabinet here for storage. While the outside wall has lightbox painting or brand logo, that allow poeple notice your business well.

Back view

The backside has a long work table, a refrigerator set at the corner. You can also add a coffee machine, shake machine here to increase sales.

Center counter

This ice cream kiosk has a long display counter in the middle. It can increase the showcase area and storage area of this food kiosk

ice cream boothDescription of frozen yogurt kiosk

This food kiosk size is 12*15ft, you can use it to sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies. It also has a flooring light to make the frozen yogurt kiosk outstanding. You can also add menu in front of the cashier counter, that guide people to ordering ice creams well.

Material information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood, white tile

Brand signage: 3D luminous sign

Other materials: Lightbox painting, stainless steel kicking, tempered glass, etc.

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