The frozen yogurt kiosk is one of the most popular mall kiosks. Yogurt is different from the milk, its unique taste and taste leave a deep impression on people. When we go shopping, we can see a lot of beautiful yogurt kiosks, have you ever paid attention to the yogurt kiosk? For the frozen yogurt kiosk, they usually have some machine to display their taste or some seasoning. It can also set up on the countertop. Today I will introduce you to a luxury and high-end shopping mall yogurt kiosk.

Frozen Yogurt Description

We can see this kiosk is simple, but its material and color match looks are very luxurious. This kiosk’s main color is golden and white. It is composed of some cabinets, a sink, a logo, and a machine. We can put some small machines on the countertop, such as an ice cream machine or juice machine. If we have some big machine to put in the ground, then we need to know its size, so we can leave space for it.

This kiosk countertop is a marble. This kind of stone is of high quality and has beautiful lines. It has a good touch and is easy to clean, so many food kiosks countertops are made of stone countertops. Toe kick and sink all use golden stainless steel, they all need to be processed by electroplating, and the effect is very advanced.

Logo as the symbol of our brand is very important, so if you want to build a kiosk in the mall and if you have a logo, we will design and install it in the kiosk.

Size: 6x3m

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Countertop: Marble

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic


Yogurt Kiosk Production

All our kiosks are made by hand. We have our own factory and rich experience worker. After we confirm the design and order, we will send you the kiosk construction drawings. It includes all the details, we can see all dimensions, material, and color. We will build the kiosk according to these construction drawings, so it is important. If there have any wrongs, we can discover and change them before we produce them. It can avoid all the mistakes.

We will install the stone, sink, logo, and sockets. When you receive the goods, you can just do the simple assembly. It is very easy, and no complicated operations. Our main wire is in the cash counter, when you finish the kiosk assembly, you can connect the wire to your mall power supply, then it can work.

Shopping Mall Kiosk Order

The requirements for shopping malls in different countries or regions are different, and some shopping malls are very strict. But no matter which mall, if we want to do business in the mall, we must first submit our kiosk design to the mall. So our first step in order is to design a kiosk. We have our design team, they can help us to design the kiosk. It allows modification, so you can get your favorite kiosk here. After we confirm the design, you can send it to your mall for approval. If they have any comments, you can tell us, we will modify the design until we get approval.

When we get the approval, we will start production. The kiosk production time is 28 working days.  We can ship the goods to your country when we finish the production. So you can finish all things here.

Design: Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it takes 2-3 working days.

Payment term: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance payment before shipment.

Payment method: TT wire transfer, Western Union, and Trade assurance.



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