In our lives, beauty salons have always been an existence that cannot be ignored. For a girl, a good-looking hairstyle is essential. We can see that many barber shops have many different types of hairstyles so that customers can choose from. In addition, there are hair stylists who help clients design hairstyles. Girls are looking for good looks, so a hair style that suits you is also very important.

Hair Products in Display Showcase


Barbershops have specialized haircuts and wash care products. Generally there are products of different price points. You can choose a product at your own price according to your preferences. The barber shop has a special hair products display showcase, you can choose the products that suit your own rule of law in the hair product display showcase.

Barber Shop Furniture

The most important thing in a barber shop is the display showcase for hair products, the barber station, and the cash register counter.

Display Showcase

The display cabinet is a sales presence in the barber shop. It is very important to introduce good products to customers while we have haircuts. So this is why many barber shops have display cabinets. Next, I want to introduce two display showcases to you.

Type 1

The size of this display cabinet is 4000x300x1800mm. It is composed of four single display showcases. The size of each individual display cabinet is 1 meter. It can be seen from the picture that it has 3 layers of display racks. Of course, we are a customized manufacturer and can be customized according to your needs. We can customize the display layer you need according to the size. The bottom of the showcase is a cabinet, which can be used to store products.

This display showcase have a good advantage because it can be classified better. You can put the same kind of products together. In this way, it is convenient for customers to understand and watch.

Type 2

This kind of display cabinet is generally used behind the cash register. And the size of this showcase is 1500x300x1800mm. This display showcase includes a price list, logo, and a place to display products. Because this is used behind the cash register, the price list can let people know the price very well. Allow customers to choose according to their own budget. You can  see that the logo is placed in the middle of the display cabinet, and the product is displayed on the right.

You can put the more popular products there, which will sell faster. Lower part of the display is cabinet place.

Next, I will introduce the barber station to you.

Barber Station


The main material of this Barber station is MDF. The main color is white. Its main style is European style, which is simple but makes people feel very comfortable. Its main structure is mirror, table top, drawer and mirror. Barbers can put their own haircut tools in drawers and cabinets.

Production Process

The production time will take about 25-28 working days for a whole shop furniture. The production include 4 steps. One is to produce the wooden cabinet according the construction drawings. Second is to polish the MDF wooden cabinet and will make the surface more smooth. Then we need to do the white primers and baking paint. Final step is to install the logo, light strip, mirror, glass, sockets and some accessories.

For A shop Design

For a wonderful shop design, it needs professional design team to do it. We are professional to design and produce the shop fixture. We have professional design team and can customize the shop design for you. You just tell me all of your needs for the new shop, then we can display your needs on the 3d design. You will see the whole effect. The design time will take 3-5 working days.

Order Process

Design- Confirm all the details- production( please arrange the 50% production deposit)- quality test- install ( arrange the rest payment)- packed and ship


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