Beauty salons have always been more popular. In this fast-developing information age, good-looking hairstyles are what everyone wants. A good hairstyle can make people’s life more energetic and make people’s mood more beautiful. And different face shapes, hairstyles are also different. Many people saw this business opportunity so they prepared to open a hairdressing shop.]

If you plan to open a hair salon, you need to pay attention to these matters.

Location selection is the first step to open a hairdressing shop. The address you choose determines how much money you can make. First of all, We need to determine the shop target customer and advertise . Secondly, the location of the hairdressing shop should be selected in a place with a large flow of people and convenient transportation. Only in this way can you get more customers.

Secondly, there must be a good hairdresser and a good shop environment.
A good environment requires us to have a good decoration and a good shop display structure. A good environment means that we will have more people.

Salon Shop Fixture

So we first need to do a shop design. Only a good shop design will have a good decoration and a good layout. Then we will have a good specialization and will attract more customers to buy in our shop.

A salon shop include the cashier desk, hair bar stations, and the display showcase.

Cashier Desk

The shape of this cash register is very special and irregular. It looks like a trapezoid. We have installed LOGO on the front of the cash register to allow customers to see their brand more clearly. We put glass on the countertop, and we can put products on it for display. In this case, customers can buy some products incidentally if they pay. This can also increase business opportunities.



There are three drawers and two cabinets behind the cash register.

Display Stand and Wall Board

You can see that this is an image wall. At the same time, this can also display and store products. This wall contains LOGO, light box and some lockers. In this way, your products can better appear in front of customers, and you can better store items.

The Salon Bar Counter


This hair bar station has three hairdressing positions. The size is 3000x450x1800mm. The main material is MDF, and the surface is painted. There are four drawers in each position, you can put haircut tools for the barber. There are cabinets at both ends of the hair bar station. The cabinet can store products or some spare tools. The display shelf on the wall can put store products. This way customers can make a good selection.


  • Material,MDF,
  • Size: 3000x450x1800mm
  • Surface, baking paint, artificial stone
  • Color, white
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe




Questions from Customer

A: If I place an order from your company, when will I receive it?
B: First of all, we need to design first. The design time is about 3-5 working days. After the design is confirmed, we start production, and the production time is 25-28 working days. The transit time depends on the city you are located in, and which port is closer to you. I have a customer located in Oakland port, and the shipping time is about 25 days.

A: Can you accept bank transfers?
B: Yes, we support bank transfer or Western Union. Our payment method is to pay half of the production deposit first. After everything is finished, please arrange the balance payment.

A: Can you combine my logo to make a suitable design for my shop?
B: Of course it can. We have a professional design team. We will design according to the size of your shop and the style you need. In the meantime, we will also assist you in making changes.
After you confirm the 3D design and order, we will make shop fixture according to the 3D design.


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