We all know that the decoration of many barbershops is very beautiful and high-end. They look like high-end hotels. We all know that a beautiful and clean storefront will always attract many customers. I also like to go to some beautifully decorated barbershops. So, if you have an idea to open a barbershop, the preliminary preparations are very important. In shopping malls, we often see barbershops. It is a hot business. Today I mainly want to ask you about the high-end barbershop display in the mall.

Mall Barber Shop Design

At first glance at this store, do you think it is very high-end? Its main colors are bronze electroplated stainless steel and tempered glass. These two materials and colors are mostly used to show valuable things. Such as jewelry or some cultural relics. The shape of these display cabinets is also very special. The top is curved, it is like a cover, inside can display models or other products related to our business.

Its wall is made of transparent glass. Tempered glass is very strong and it has visibility. Customers can see our internal situation from the outside, so as to better understand what we do.

From the front, we can see a background wall and a front desk in the middle. We can put our logo on the background wall. The front desk is where customers and customers pay. This is one of the essential pieces of furniture for barbershops. On both sides of the store is our work area. We placed a mirrored counter here, some salon chairs, shampoo beds, and some instruments we need to use.

We can see that the basic design of the whole shop is the same, so it looks very coordinated and comfortable.

Hair Salon Shop Production

When we finish the design, we can clearly see the furniture, layout, shape, and effect of the entire store. Because this one is used in the mall. It is an open space, and we can provide everything inside, including walls and background panels, logos, etc. Our production is determined according to the design drawings. After confirming the order, we will make construction drawings. The drawings contain all the details, dimensions, and materials of the furniture. Before production, we will send you confirmation.

We have our own factories and designers, so when we start working, you are always happy to know the progress of the goods, and we will always be online. After the production is completed, we will send you a video or picture, before receiving the goods, you can check all the goods.

Salon Shop Order Process

If you have your own shop or you want to refurbish your furniture, we can start with the design first. We will help you design the interior furniture display as well as their location and decorations according to your shop size and your brand. Through the design, we can confirm all the details, including the quantity, size, color, and specific price of the furniture.

After the design is completed, we can know what we ordered, and when we confirm the order, we can start production. We are a company integrating design, production, and transportation. After the goods are finished, we can ship them to your country. So you can do all the work here.

Furniture Install

Some furniture without lights can be placed directly in the store without installation. If we have furniture with lights, then we need to connect the wires of the furniture to the power supply of the mall. For other special furniture that needs to be installed, we will make a video for you when the production is completed. So we can clearly know how to install it.

Shop design: The shop design fee is based on the shop area, it is about 500-800$. It allows modification, when we place an order, it can be deducted from your balance payment. Design time is 3-4 working days.

Production time: About 28 working days

Transportation time: 25-35 days


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