Due to the progress of society, people’s quality of life has improved. In addition to skin care, hair is also an aspect that everyone pays attention to. Not only men, but women as well. They also pay great attention to hair care. Good hair will make a person’s overall condition look very good. This is why many people choose better shampoo and hair care products. Therefore, in the barber shop, there will be some display cabinets to show customers haircut products.

Salon Shop

If you want to open a salon shop, you need to find a good place to start your business. We all know that a good place depends on how many people flow you can get.

Then you need to consider how to decorate the salon shop. Because a good appearance will attract more attentions from customer. So you need to find the shop furniture to design your shop firstly.

Shop Design

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Limited is a custom manufacturer, and can customize new one for you. We will design the salon with all of your needs. The 3d design will show you the shop light, display stands, cashier desk, layout and so on. The 3d design will show all angles of the whole shop. Then you will see the whole effect and will know the shop whether suit you. If you have any modification, we also can assist you to modify it.

In general, a shop design include the hair bar station, display showcase and the cashier desk.

Display Showcase

The size of the display showcase is 1600x300x2000m. You can see the product display showcase on both sides of the showcase. They have 5 display windows on each side. Light strips will be installed in each window. The light strip will make the whole kiosk brighter. In this way, customers can see their products more conveniently. It also facilitates their choice of products. There is also a display layer in the middle of the showcase, where products of the same brand can be placed.

We can see that there is a light box in the middle, which can make the whole display stand even more advantageous. There is a logo on the top of the display cabinet. You can add the logo of the store or the logo of toiletries.

Reception Desk

The reception desk is a must in every shop. There are many types of reception desks, and you can choose a suitable reception desk according to your needs. You see, the size of this reception desk is 1500x600x1200mm. The front of it is a logo or a pattern to express your own brand. We can do all these for you. This reception desk has two positions for receiving customers. You can see that there is a shape in front of the reception desk, and a light strip can be added to this rectangular frame. This will make the entire reception desk more stylish. If you have a style you like, you can also send it to us, and we will make it according to your needs.

Hair Bar Station

The main colors of this hair bar station are white and wood grain. The size of the hair bar station in the middle is 1500x500x1800mm. On the left side of the mirror is a display shelf, where products can be displayed. Every hair bar station will have 3 drawers and a cabinet to store things. There are small stands on both sides of the hair bar station to store items. Its size is 600x400x800mm. If you want your own style, you want a stand that fits your own size. We can also build according to your needs.

If you prepare to open a new shop,  we have a professional design team and can customize the shop furniture for you.


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