The barber shop is one of the very popular service stores. The furniture it needs is also very simple. All you need is a counter with a mirror. Because when we serve customers, the most important thing is the mirror. Whether we are us or customers, we can see our work progress and status at any time. The hairdressing stand I am going to introduce today is multi-functional and one of the best sellers. It can serve customers as well as showcase our products. It can be used in shopping malls and shops.

Hair Salon Service Stand

This stand is composed of two separate cabinets. One is a workbench and the other is a display cabinet. On the table top of the workbench is a hole where tools can be placed. For example, a hair dryer. There are light strips on both sides of the mirror, which can give us a good view. There is also a glass display shelf on the workbench, which can put some small products or tools we need. On the left side of the workbench, we can see that there is also a display area where you can put hair dryers or curling irons.  Such a combination can be used alone. It can be used for hair cutting, makeup and skin care, etc.

Size: 1500x600x1800mm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Glass: Tempered glass

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Mirror, LED light, lightbox, hardware

Production time: About 12 working days



The surface treatment of this stand is laminate, which has wood grain, which can be seen if you look closely. This process is more cumbersome, because we have to deal with all the details and gaps, so it will take a little longer.

We provide and install everything. Including mirrors, lights, glass, etc. When you receive the goods, you don’t need to install it, you can use it directly. The wire on the stand can be directly connected to the local power supply.

The light box painting is a kind of decoration. If you also need to install a poster about your product or brand on it, you need to provide us with a high-definition picture.

Unique Furniture

We are a customized company, and all our products are designed and customized according to customer requirements. If you want to make some display cabinets or workstations for your shop or business, we can provide all help. Including design and production. If it is used in a mall, we can provide design drawings and detailed drawings for the mall to review. If you have your own shop, we can design all the interior furniture and decorations according to the size of your shop. We can also provide all the furniture and equipment in the store. You can easily buy everything in one place.

The size, color and style of the furniture can all be customized.

Packaging and transportation

We use wooden boxes for packaging, with foam boards inside, and we also pack the stand itself. So it is very safe.
Our mode of transportation is by sea. We can ship to the nearest port or the address you specify. When the goods are about to arrive at the port, someone will notify you to pick up the goods before, and you need to go through customs clearance procedures before they can provide them.

The shipping time depends on your country, and it takes at least a month or so. The shipping cost depends on your country and the volume of the goods.

What is the furniture price?

Our furniture price is based on size, material and style. If you want the same stand as above, the price is 1500$. Changing the size or material price will change. So the price also depends on the final design.


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