Luxury Design Hair Salon Station Portable Barber Shop Furniture

Are you looking for a hair salon station to start a business? Recently, we received many inquiries about barbershop furniture. It is a place to provide haircutting services. Besides, the hair station can also decorate the whole shop and create a unique feeling. Here is a nice hair salon station introduce to you. Please follow me and view more details.

Luxury hair salon station design

Hair salon shop design includes layout decoration, furniture design, color decoration, and brand logo show. We can see the whole store directly in the design drawing. We can even see the material effect clearly.

hair station

Layout decoration

When entering the hair shop, clients can enjoy hair cutting service on the left side. Here are 5 hair working stations with large mirrors in total. Behind it is a reception desk with a POS machine, clients can pay cash here.

From the front window, we can see there is a price list right side. It is a guide for clients to choose the project. Next to it is a seating area with a sofa and table. A room divider separates the seating area from the hair wash space. It is good to protect client’s privacy and leave a good impression on people.

Furniture design

The most important piece of furniture is a har station with chairs. Because it’s where clients sit down. A good furniture design will leave a deep impression on them. This barber station includes 3 parts. With the large mirror between two shelves. We can place products here, so clients can view them directly. It is also a good place for decoration flowers and posters. While the bottom has new lock drawers and countertop to place hair tools.

hair shop furniture

Color decoration

The main color of warm yellow color matches the natural wood material very much and creates a retro style for the shop.  The reception counter and room divider is white in color.

We can also put up posters as advertising on both walls, so people can see how the styling station looks like. Which can also show your professional skills. Besides, the shop wall is looking better with beautiful paintings.

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood bar

Other materials: Spotlight, acrylic, light lamp, laminate, stainless steel, etc.

Brand logo

The shop total has two brand logo signs. One is on the shop front and the other is behind the reception counter. A brand logo is very important for a hair shop, as people can remember you well. And they can easily find and introduce you to their friends.

We usually make an acrylic logo with light, so people can see it from distance. And inside the wall use an acrylic or stainless steel logo to upgrade the store level.

barber shop decoration How to decoration the barbershop in a good way?

First, we should research before renting a shop. A good location and shop decoration help us earn a profit. We need to consider the tastes of consumers and understand the styles of stores around us. Unique and novel decorations can make people unforgettable.

Second, confirm the hair shop layout and make the 3D design drawing to follow. We should find a professional designer to help us with this step. As they can give us good designs and make it more attractive. We can check the layout, color, material carefully and confirm it for production.

Finally, produce the hair shop furniture and install it in the hair salon shop. Produce progress shows directly in the confirmed design. We can see how it looks and fit our business. Then, when we receive the furniture, just put them in the right place and use it.

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