Retro Barbershop Furniture Design with Mirror Styling Station for Sale

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Do you want to find a good hair shop design to start a business? Many shop owners looking for a retro and unique hairstyling shop to start a business. Every shop has its unique decoration and theme. We should find a good match shop design to start our business. Today, I want to introduce a very nice barbershop furniture design. It’s good to use it in both large and small hair shops.

Retro barber shop furniture deisgn

Hairdressers always lead the trend and are an indispensable member of fashion. With people’s pursuit of retro style, more and more hair salons adopt a retro decorating style. Because they can create a harmonious and unique atmosphere.

mirror counter

Barbershop furniture introduction

As we can see in the working area. There is a long table attached to the wall with an open cabinet. It is a good place to put magazines so that customers can read the magazines while doing styling. And it’s easy to get the haircut tools on it. There is a round mirror on it, so when people sit down, they can see how the barber works.

Inside room is for hair wash service, it is covered by a white. When putting a mirror and counter on the wall, it is increasing the service working area. Besides, people cannot see the customers washing their hair in the room. This can protect the image of guests and maintain the image of the store.

We can see there are many plants in the barbershop. It makes the whole store look creative, and it is also alive and vigorous. The green plants are just right to decorate the shops and walls, making people feel relaxed.

hair shop design

Reception counter introduction

The reception counter or called cashier counter is set near the entrance door. So every people can get warm service at the beginning. Seating sofa becomes very important for a hair shop because when there are many customers, new customers can wait for service here. The escort can also take a break here. This is conducive to improving customer satisfaction and becoming a loyal fan.

While the indoor counter is mainly used as a service desk to receive and process customer opinions. Of course, we can also be regarded as a cashier counter to reduce customer queue time.

Material show

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood or laminate

Mirror: Round mirror with LED-backlit

Other materials: Marble stone, MDF with baking paint, metal, etc.hairdressing kiosk

How to make barbershop furniture?

Design steps:

First, we should first tell the design about decoration idea. It is best to send them the floor plan for efficient communication and consensus. This will save design time. Second, the designer creates a 3D design model according to the requirements. Design time usually needs about 3 days. The third step, check the design drawing and confirm it as the final design. We have to check the design drawing carefully and see if you like it. Otherwise, it will use as the final design to move forward. Finally, send the drawing to get approval. When you think it’s right to start, we can complete the construction drawing and confirm the order.

Production process:

Workers make the barbershop furniture according to the confirmed design. So we have to confirm the drawing is correct. They should first make a wood body and make a solid wood finish like the picture shows. Assembly is the final step, so we can see how it looks like with the light on. When receiving the goods, just attach them to the wall and use it, it’s very easy. Produce time need about 28-30 days, depends on how many barber stations to make.

When you need more detailed information, please feel free to send an inquiry. We are glad to help you start a business.

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