High-End Barber Shop Furniture Attractive Hair Station with Mirror

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Barbershops have become more and more popular in recent years. Because people are paying more and more attention to their own image and looking forward to showing a unique personality. In this case, more and more people join the hairdressing industry and achieve success. Today, I am going to share a nice barbershop store furniture. It’s a luxurious and modern style, I like it very much when I see it.

Hair shop furniture decoration

For every barber shop furniture, we can see as much as a working station with a mirror. Some shops have display cabinets, posters, brand logos, reception counter, glass display showcases, etc. They try to make the best use of all the space to make the barbershop look beautiful and practical.

hair station

Hair station with mirror

The barber counter is set up against the wall, which saves space and allows customers to receive services at the same time. It is 120cm Width, 60cm Depth, and 18ocm Height, a very good dimension to provide hair cutting and styling service. We can see that there is a large mirror in the middle of the hair station, with display stands on both sides. There is a large mirror in the middle of the barber counter, with display stands on both sides. We can put barber tools and hair dyes here for easy use, and we can also display shampoos to attract customers to buy. There are also open shelves and drawers at the bottom to increase the use area.

hair display stand

Reception counter decoration

The reception counter is set inside the barber store, it’s a very good place to use as a checkout counter. This counter is white, its shape is trapezoidal design, the bottom is narrow and the top is wide. Above the front is a triangular decoration. It is used to display the logo and illuminate the top with a light strip. The backside has a lock cabinet and drawers. Do you like this cashier counter in the barber shop?

Behind the counter is a large image wall with a brand name and logo. The background has black color, which high level the barbershop theme. We add two spotlights on the top, mainly for decoration, and attract the eye’s attention.

The main tone of the hair shop furniture is golden and black color. We use warm white light to create a warm shop atmosphere, and the integration of lighting and furniture makes the barber shop look better.

hair shop

Wall cabinet introduction

On the right side, there are long display cabinets. The white open shelves with light strip attach directly to the wall. We can use it to display small items such as hair oil, which is an excellent display effect. It is a good idea to put green plants and photos here for decoration.

While the display counter is a black body with a white countertop. Black is the main color to match the shop, and white is mainly for ease of use. Because it looks neater and brighter.

Glass display stand show

Glass display is the existence of increasing sales, usually, it is placed at the door. Customers can see it when they enter the store, and buy it when they leave the store by the way. It can also attract potential customers to make a second purchase. Therefore, when the store has surplus space, please don’t forget to add it. The space of 100cm*50m looks good though.

Usually, we also need to arrange a shampoo bed. The style with a bowl is very popular recently. The shampoo bed is usually placed in a separate room or separated by a room divider.

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