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The salon furniture of each hairdressing shop is unique. Hair shop furniture reflects the positioning of the store and the aesthetics of the shop owner. It allows customers to identify different hairdressing shops and brands. Therefore, people always rack their brains and look forward to good hairdressing furniture decorations.

Hair shop furniture description

Good hair shop furniture decoration attracts clients. Barber counter is very important for a hair shop furniture, at consumers, accept hairstyling services here. Let’s view more information about this hair shop design.


hair styling station

Reception counter introduction

The reception counter usually set near the entrance. Therefore, we can see each client and arrange a related stylist for them. Size is 120cm*50cm, a very standard size. We can use plywood with wood and a black laminate surface. The back has a locked cabinet for storage.

We can see a wall cabinet near the reception counter. It is a good place to taking away products. People can buy them before leaving. Sofa and table can also be placed in the reception area, so customers can sit down and wait for hairstyling service.

hair salon furniture

Barber station with mirror

The barber station is set in the middle of the hair salon shop, it has a double side mirror with a black frame on the countertop. Customers on both sides can receive services at the same time, which can increase work efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. There are lock cabinets in each working station for hair tools.

Wall mirror station

We can see the back wall has 5 high mirrors attach to the wall. Size is 80cm W*180cm H. It increases the working area and visually expands the hairdressing shop. We can also choose another wall hair station with cabinets style for convenient use.

Shampoo bed area

Shampoo beds are now standard in barbershops. The shampoo bed in this salon is set behind the reception desk and separated by a screen. This can make full use of the store’s space. The inside wall has working counters and wall cabinets, we can restore shampoo, towels here.

mirror station

Light and material decoration

Warm yellow lights always give people a comfortable feeling. This hair salon uses many warm spotlights on the top, blending with the gold frame to decorate the shop, it looks magnificent.

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood and black laminate

Other materials: Metal frame with painting, spotlight, tile counter surface, etc.

We can also put brand logos and advertising posters inside the shop. It will guide the client to choose the ideal hairstyle, and when the stylist recommends, the client can also understand better through the poster.

How to get the hair station design?

First, make the hair salon shop furniture design. As we can see how the barber store looks like. We can also add new ideas to make it more attractive and useful.

Second, check and confirm the shop design. The design drawing is made according to unique ideas, we can confirm it as the final design. We can also make small changes to make it more attractive.

Third, production the hair shop furniture. Workers make the hair barber furniture according to the design drawing. So you can see how the goods being made and how they match your hair salon shop.

Fourth, test the hair salon shop furniture and package for shipment. We should make sure everything works correctly before ship to you. Packages mainly protect the goods from long-distance sea shipping.

Time table

3D design drawing need about 5 working days. The production time needs about 28 working days after the order confirmation. Shipping by sea need about 22-35 days, depends on the final port.

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