Golden Metal Hairdressing Store Furniture Wall Mirror Station for Sale

Hairdressing store furniture includes hair salon station with a mirror, shampoo bed, and reception counter. For big hairdressing shops, we can also arrange the furniture and counters in a good place. So they can look good and convenient for business. Here is a luxury hairdressing store sharing with you.

barber shop design

Golden Hairdressing store furniture design


As people enter the shop, they can see a large white reception desk here. It looks very beautiful and matches the shop decoration because the material is marble stone. This reception desk is L-shaped and allows two people to work at the same time. We can also put the brand logo here to deepen the customer’s impression of us. There is a golden display shelf on the wall. It has different levels on shelves to showcase products.

barber station

Working display

As people enter the shop, they can see a beautiful working station on the left wall. The barber station consists of a large mirror on the wall and a black cabinet next to it. We use the golden frame for the large mirror and a LED light surrounded the large mirror. While the black cabinet has drawers for hair tools. It easy to reach when working.

While the left wall has a long display counter. Under counter is the locked cabinet, we can put more things here. The counter is white marble stone while the cabinet is the black wood body. Upon is a golden display shelf. In front of it is a counter with a water sink, we can set chairs for people to sit.

hair store furniture design

Indoor introduction

Please leave the shampoo bed inside the room. People can enjoy the hair washing service quietly. We can also add storage cabinets to make full use of the space.

More information

The main color of the hairdressing store is black with golden decoration. It makes the shop attractive and upscale. We also use the spotlight to highlight and shop.

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Black baking paint, white marble stone

Decoration material: Golden metal frame, light mirror, etc.

hair salon shop

How to decorate the shop?

1.Front logo

The sign of the barbershop is the facade of the entire shop, which can directly highlight the business culture of the shop. The color matching of the signboard must be eye-catching enough. And some rotating lanterns can also be placed at the door of the barbershop to make people want to walk in.

2. Determine shop theme

The hair shop theme is according to the target customers. As they agree with your shop decoration, they will enter and do hair styling. When you have good service, they will choose you in the future and even introduce you to their friends. The store theme and decoration can also reflect your company’s culture and aesthetic. Customers know you can give them beauty hairstyling from the hair salon shop theme.

3. Commodity display

The display cabinet should be placed on the right side of the entrance door, with light color as the main body, high-end is better. People’s vision is 45 degrees, and the products on display are the ones you can sell and take away the most easily, and you often change products. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent product failure and deterioration. The swing of high-end, brand-name products will improve the store’s grade. Carrying out take-out sales, take-out sales in place, which will increase the turnover, should pay attention to the development of this area.

It takes about 3-7 days to make the 3D design according to unique requirements. And production time needs about 28-30 days after confirming the order. If you need any information, please free free to contact us. Thank you.

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