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Hair salon shop

Beauty salon shops have become popular in recent years. Especially for hair salon shops, people go to the hair salon shop regularly to get new hair styling. It is the cheapest way to make them look charming according to plastic surgery. Now, there is a beauty hair salon shop design sharing with you.

Beauty hair salon shop furniture

When entering a hair salon shop, we can see the styling station area for work. It’s the most important place in the whole hair shop. Most of the hair salon shop has a sitting sofa, reception counter, display cabinet. It is good to work and show more products. We can also put up posters and make a brand logo wall to leave a deep impression.

barber shop furniture

Layout introduction

This hair salon shop is a rectangular layout. The entrance door is set on the wide side. There are a long sofa closed to the wall and several chairs near the door to consist of a waiting area.

We can see the right wall is fit for 4 barber stations with full mirrors. Clients enjoy hairstyling services directly. The mirror station has a half-light box for bright while an open cabinet on the right. We can put the necessary items here for easy reach. Please don’t ignore the front plate with holes. It is a good place for hair tools.

On the left side is an L-shaped reception counter near the sofa. Customers can choose styling services here and pay the bill before leaving. While the inside wall is a lightbox painting, people can see the ads. when washing hair.

Color information

mirror station

The main decoration color is grass green color. It creates a very green and natural feeling along with plants. The hair shop furniture and chairs also use color to match the shop theme. We use a white wall cabinet behind the counter that looks very unique attraction. Black letters on the top guide people to purchase products. We can also use the white ceiling light to makes the hair salon shop looks good and bright for hair styling service.

Material show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Packing paint, soft leather

Other materials: Lightbox posters, acrylic logo, hardware, etc.

Tips to decorate the barber store furniture

beauty salon store design

First, we can choose a brand theme for the shop. It’s better to think about who is your target people. When your shop decoration can attract them, you will get many customers.

Second, choose a suitable styling station and furniture. Good quality furniture will give a wonderful effect on the hair shop. We can even customize it to match the hair salon shop.

Finally, choose good material to make the furniture. Different materials give different effects to the kiosk. Good materials will make hair salons high-end and can be used for a long time. We can make a 3D design to show the real effect of the hair shop decoration with materials.

How to make the barber station?

We can make the barber station according to the confirmed design. Usually, it takes 25-28 working days to make these barbershops and reception counter. The workers make the wood body first, then paint it to the ideal color as a design drawing. Next, cover the reception counter and sofa with soft leather. We can also attach the mirror to the barber station in this step.  Finally, install the light and cabinet door. We should also hide wires inside the furniture for better use. When the goods finish, we will turn on the light and take photos and videos for confirmation. In this case, the owner can know how the goods being made step by step.

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