Luxury Barber Store Furniture Wood Hair Styling Station with Mirror

It’s a good idea to open a barber store to earn money. Barber store furniture plays a good role in the hair salon shop because it is a location to provide haircutting services. With the fast development of society, people go to the barber store nearly once a month. I am sure that we can earn money to receive goods. Here is a barber store design sharing with you.

Luxury barber store furniture introduction

barber shop furniture

Color and light decoration

The basic color is brown wood with yellow light decoration. We also use hollow wood as a room divider to separate the room. It can make good use of the shop space. We can even place more barber stations to reduce waiting time.

Reception counter

The reception counter is very important in a barber store. As it is a place to for both reception and check bills. I will also use it as a storage cabinet for clients’ bags. We can make the reception counter match the barber store decoration. L shape or common style would be better for this hair shop design.

barber station

Hair styling station

Please pay more attention to decoration working area. Because stylists do hair cutting and hairdressing service here. This hair styling station has a mirror, display cabinet, working table, and bottom cabinets. Mirror on the countertop with a spotlight for bright. Between the two mirrors is a display shelf to place products. While we can put hair cuts and hair tools on the top for good use. Besides, under the counter is drawers and an open cabinet. We can also attach the cabinet on the side wall for display.

Display cabinet

A display cabinet is very important to display items. When people like them, they can buy them directly. We can also place a high display shelf near the shampoo chair. Towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc. can all be placed there. This will keep the shampoo room tidy and clean.

Material introduction

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood bar, laminate, or wood veneer, etc.

Logo: Acrylic or stainless logo match to the hair store.

Other materials: Light, stainless steel, mirror, hardware, etc.

 Hair styling stationHow to design the barber station?

First, choose a decoration design to make the layout plan. This is very important part for customized barber shop station. Because it determines how the hair shop looks like.

Second, make the design drawing according to the plan. We should tell the designer about the design ideas. They can follow on to make the 3D design. It needs about 3-7 days to finish, depends on the shop size.

Third, check the design drawing and confirm it. We can check the kiosk design carefully to see whether we like it. If there is small changes, the designer will help us modify in time. We can also confirm it as the final design without change.

Finally, submit it to the landlord and government for approval. If the landlord or governments wants to review the design, we can submit the design for approval. As it shows details directly. So, we can get the correct shop design as we want.

How to manufacturer the styling station?

We should first make the wood body first. The step needs about 7-9 days. Second step is make surface decoration, so we can see how it looks in real life. This step need about 9-12 days. Last step is to add mirror and install wires for good use. It needs about 3-5 days. We should also test the furniture to work right before package. It’s just an estimate produce time, more furniture needs more time to build. Package also need 3-5 days. So we can ship out the goods then.

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