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Salon is also the translation of the French word Salon, which means Salon in Chinese. The place where women discuss art, beauty and life together name a salon. Later to the modern appearance of beauty, hair, makeup and other comprehensive shops, began to be popular name SALON. The hair salon is a theme of hair as a form of the party to explain the meaning of the word. But now the word hair salon has become a professional hair services high-end business place pronoun.  

Store color to let customers can sit down, mood fluctuations. So that customers feel relaxed, comfortable, warm. And have a sense of trust, security, so the store color is more important, dark people will feel uneasy, impatience, mood fluctuations, can not sit down. In brief, store tonal must give priority to with shallow, pallid color. To relax the staff, the customer’s nervous mood.


How to start the 3D design if you want to a Salon beauty shop design?

First, we have many types of hair salon store design on our company website, you can have a look and tell us which one your favorite.

Second, before we make the design, please send some information to us. It included the floor plan, your brand logo and layout etc.

For the hair salon store design, we will charge 500$ design deposit. But this will deduce from the total cost, so it is for free.

We will send the 3D design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Finally, we will change the design until you get approval from the mall or landlord.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Thanks for reading!




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