Hair salon interior design barbershop display cabinet

Hair salon interior design–As our living standards improve, the barbershop is not just a place to help people cut their hair. The shampoo service now provided is also accompanied by massage and hot eye compresses. Let people relax while washing their hair. Many people come here to wash their hair and relax when they are tired. We all know that many girls like to do hair, make a hairstyle or dye a color, especially during the holiday. The barbershop business will be particularly good.

Now making hairstyles has become a way for people to pursue fashion. The hairstyle can change a person’s appearance, it can make up for the shortcomings of our face, so hair is very important to us. People are willing to spend a lot of time and money to care for it. The furniture of general barbershops is display cabinets with mirrors and some lockers. OK, let’s look at this hair salon interior design and its display cabinet first.


We can see that this shop has a hairstyle area, shampoo area, private area, and cash register area. The private area can provide full body massage for customers. From the top view, we can see its layout clearly. Although the store is not big, its arrangement is very reasonable. The two-row mirror tables in the hairstyle area are placed back to back, saving a lot of space and increasing the number of people that can be served. The entrance is the cash register area and the rest area, a place to rest for waiting for customers. Placed against the wall are some lockers where you can shampoo, essential oils, or other products such as towels.

What do you think about this hair salon interior design? The space inside is well utilized. If you need, we can give you all the things in the design drawing, including the furniture display, logo, and decorative light box painting. We can according to your shop floor plan to make the design first.

What is your work process?

  1. Design. You need to send me your shop floor plan, we can according to your shop size to design your shop. You can see the overall design of your shop. The furniture position, the color, and the shape of the display cabinets. The design fee is 300-800usd, it depends on your shop size. But don’t worry, the design fee will be returned to you when we place an order.
  2. Production. When confirming the design details and construction drawing. You need to pay 50% order deposit, We will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  3. Delivery. When finishing all the goods, you need to pay 50% balance payment. Then we will arrange the shipment. We are an export company, we can ship the goods to any country. The delivery time depends on your nearest port.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cathy Zhang


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