Bakery display wood shelves 3d design for cake shop

Hello, everyone. Have you been to the bakery store? We can see a lot of beautiful pastries or bread inside. They are usually displayed on the wood shelves. They can also customize birthday cakes, we all know that many pastries can be customized.  People can order cakes by phone and come to pick them up, or they can buy their favorite pastries directly here. Different wood shelves display different types of bread. People can freely choose the bread they like. Sometimes the bakery also sells coffee or other drinks, people can have afternoon tea here. OK, today I want to share with you a bakery display wood shelves, we can see its interior design first.

We can see this store has many wood shelves, some are high shelves against the wall and some are glass showcase. You can put some bread in a packing bag on the high shelf against the wall, and you can put some pastries without a packing bag in the glass showcase. The freezer can put some cream cakes, customers can choose what they like.  The bakery inside is the place to work, and there is a coffee machine behind the counter outside. People can pay at the counter and take coffee here.

Do you like this bakery display wood shelves? If you are interested in this furniture, you can tell me your requirements. Or send me your store floor plan, we can make a design first. When we finish the design, I will send the design to you. You can check, if you want to change something, we can modify it until you are satisfied. Our design time is 3-5 working days, and the design fee is 500-800usd according to your store size. When confirming all the details, we can produce the furniture. We have our own factory, you can track your goods all the time. And our production time is about 28 workings when we confirming the construction drawing. If you have any questions. please contact us.

Cathy Zhang


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