Ice cream store interior style and layout max 3D design

Have you ever been to an ice cream store? We all know that ice cream is not monotonous and has only one flavor. Now it can be a combination of several flavors, can add a lot of ingredients and jam. Its shape, color, and packaging are particularly attractive. People will go to cafes or ice cream stores to taste food or spend time in their spare time. So the ice cream store interior style is also very important. A beautiful, clean and hygienic storefront can always attract more customers. The stores we visit often have two characteristics, one is delicious food and the other is beautiful interior decoration. Let’s take a look at the design of this ice cream store below.


We all know that a beautiful store is generally composed of the counter, tables, chairs, wall decorations, and ceiling lights. We can see from the picture that the main tones of this store are green and wood. The counter is the ordering area and work area. We can see that there are wooden shelves on the side of the cabinet and on the wall behind them. They can be used as decorations or place things. Such as ice cream materials or tools and cups. There is an ice cream display cabinet in the counter, customers can see all flavors of ice cream and make choice. You can choose the same shade as the table and chairs so that it looks much better. The wall decoration can also use the wooden shelf above and grass to reflect the origin of the material. It can make your store look more professional.

What do you think about this ice cream interior style? I like this style. If you want your store to look more attractive, you can design it first. If you are satisfied with the design. I think you can according to the design to decorate your store. Include the layout, color match, and wall decoration.

How to get the design?

If you don’t know how to complete this whole project, you can contact us. We have our own designers and factory. You can send us the floor plan for your store, we can design your store according to your logo and floor plan. After the design is completed, we can provide everything in the design drawing and ship it to your country. You just need to decorate the store first, then put the furniture on it. Our design time is 3-5 working when confirming the 500usd design fee. But it will be returned to you when we place an order. If you want to know more details. Please contact me. Looking forward to your message.

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