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Hello friends, glad to meet you here. Are you going to open a fruit shop in your country? Nowadays, more and more people likes drink juice. Because the juice contains a variety of rich vitamins and nutrients. The juice is rich in vitamin C and has the effect of beauty and beauty. It can enhance the body’s immunity, soften blood vessels, accelerate calcium ion absorption, and increase bone strength. Since people pay more attention to their health, it’s the best time to operation a store in the local space. Let’s view more about this fresh fruit shop furniture together.

Description about fresh fruit shop furniture

The basic color of the store is bright mixed color, which makes clients feel comfortable and healthy. The fruit shop includes working counter, cashier counter, display showcase, seating and tables with brand name and logo. We can see there is a stair in the corner connect the second floor, where we can restore more food and things upstairs. What do you think?

We should us man made stone to manufacture the working counter, which is easy to clean and looks more fancy. There are wooden wall cabinet in the back side. On the top wall is green plate decoration. The black and and white ceiling light can both decoration our store and bring light to the store. We can also put stickers with all kinds of fruits to the wall to better show our business. The color and store size should better match to your own thoughts.

3D design photos

From the design drawing, we can see the whole fresh fruit shop furniture clearly. And we can arrange all the space in advance. When we want to add new ideas to the shop design, we can modify in time.

food shop fresh fruit shop furniture

If you have any new ideas, please feel free to discuss more with us. Thank you for reading.

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