Popular tea shop fixture with wooden bar decoration idea to Japan

Hello friends, good morning. Do you like to drink tea in the spare time? As people recognize traditional culture, more and more people likes to drink tea. As tea can not only embodies our attitude towards life, but also makes us to understand many truths. In this case, it’s a good choice to open a tea shop and earn a profit. Here is a beautiful tea shop fixture share with you, hope it will give you more ideas for your store decoration.

As we all know, tea tastes bitter, but there will be aftertaste after drinking. The better the quality of the tea, the better taste will bring to us. And we can even add milk, honey, etc. to meet customer needs. Which can help us win more customers.

Description about tea shop fixture

When clients enter the shop, they can purchase their favorite taste from the counter top. Wooden decoration makes the shop looks upscale and attractive. On the back of counter are logo and menus. There are also different levels of cabinet to install cups and other beautiful things. There are different kinds of seats for people and their friends. On the long wall face to the door has a big brand logo. We can also put poster here to advertising new products in our shop. This tea shop fixture has a simple design but looks very beautiful and stand out from other stores. What do you think?

3D design drawing

tea shop fixture

More information

You can feel free to let us know your own idea. We can add your thoughts to the store and show the details in a new 3D design. Our Unique Kiosk has more than 10 years’ experience in making customized kiosks, we are sure that we can meet your demands. We are looking to hearing from you soon. Thank you

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