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the Research showing that a man have hair cut at least one time in a month, and they will be more several times for hair salon servece if they needs.  for women, they more  often go to  the hair cutting shop than a man, they like to change a new hairstyle. Maybe several times a month. change a  new hairstyle make us  a new mood and new image. people have hair cut for many reasons  


Firstly, they may have a long hair, a long hair need more time to take care of, and they think it is a trouble for them. they  need to cut the hair short. Secondly, Sometimes have the hair cutting is an impulse. losing the lover or lives disaster ends or other reasons make us want to have a new start by  having their  hair cutting. Thirdly, they find a new hairstyle which suitable for themselves or the new hairstyel is popular among that period. So they they want to try this new hairstyle to make they look more beautiful. Fourthly, they change the hairstyle for the need of jod. Some model or movie/  TV stars usually need to go to the hair cutting shop.  They maybe several times  a week.   hair cutting shop

How can I order one hair cutting counter design ?

Dear customer, followings are some steps for your reference, hope it can make help for you:

1-Contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the hair cutting shop interior design.

2- Our design team create and revise the design according to your personal requests.

3- We sign the contract after the design has been approved.

4- 50% as the production deposit should be sent.

5- Quality inspection.

6- We make package.

7- You arrange the balance.

8- Arrange shipping for you.

9- We provide technique guide service for you.



Contact Information

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