Elegant hair salon shop design barber shop furniture for ladies

Good day everyone!

Today we just designed a very elegant hair salon shop, it is for ladies. It is very beautiful, I can’t help sharing them with you:

hair salon shop design

this hair salon shop is designed only for ladies. It used pink as main color theme, add beautiful decorations and a little green.

Whole theme looks very sweet and elegant. Matched nature wood floor, when you enter the shop, you will feel you are in a pink flower sea, I like it a lot,what about you?

hair salon shop designhair salon shop design

See the hair stations, it did a flower wll until ceiling, I believe ladies who do hair will be happy when see them.

hair salon shop design  hair shop

this shop only 50 sq meters, but very functional. It can do hairs,  eyebrows,  also can do facial care.

If you also want to open a hair salon shop, these steps can help: need to think you mainly do what service in your shop, many salon shops will not just do hair, will also do brow, nail, facial care. so you need to think you ready do what service in your shop then you will have an idea need what furniture need check your shop size. Not just length, width height, you need check detail dimensions, then we can help you arrange layout as your shop size and furnitures need considering your shop theme, you need think you want what kind shop style, modern, elegant, high-end or just simple? Then will have an idea for design direction. need find a professional design team help you design your whole shop for you see the effect.

Unique has a professional design team, so we can help you design your whole shop, then you can see all inside furnitures and decorations.

If you have any needs, just feel free contact us, we can help you do the hair salon shop design!


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