Good morning friend, nice to meet you here. Are you going to open a smoothie kiosk in the mall center? Smoothie has a unique and cool taste in hot weather, so it becomes popular among people. It’s the best time to open a smoothie shop now. When you are going to start your own business, please choose a unique display cabinet. It can help you provide good services to customers and make it easier for customers to find your booth. A unique kisok shop can attract people and improve sales perfermance.

How to build a unique smoothie kiosk?

After signing a contract with the mall manager and confirming the size, you should consider which color and style is suitable for your business. You can think about solid colors, or mixed colors. They can give you different shop styles, and the color should match your store theme and brand logo. Then, you can make a floor plan of the shop, where to put smoothie machines and topping counter, etc. When put everything in the right place, you can use them convenient. Draw all the requirements on the 3D design, you can see all the details clearly. If you like it, then congratulations, you can get a perfect smoothie counter. If you are not satisfied with it, you can adjust the color, layout, etc. to make your smoothie shop look better. Today, I want to share a nice smoothie kiosk for your reference.

3D design picture show

As we can seen in the design, the main color is white with red for decoration. You can put brand logo and posters in the high stand. The size is 3m×2m, it has fridgee under the counter. Do you like this kiosk design? We can help you add your ideas in the smoothie kiosk and draw a new deisgn to show your own kiosk.


bubble tea kiosk bubble tea stand bubble tea booth

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