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Mall used Smoothies Kiosk design, ideas, price and iced juice kiosk for sale

Smoothies Kiosk For sale , Unique Kiosk customized mall used food kiosk for smoothies display and service.  As a leading food and beverage kiosk manufacturer ,We provide high quality products ,Also competitive price ,Our Smoothies kiosk has been installed all over the world .Especially in USA, Australia, Canada and UK.  If you first time to start a smoothies kiosk . You can ready here Blow .

smoothies kiosk for saleWhat is smoothies kiosk?

A smoothies kiosk is a mall used shops install in the middle of shopping mall serving smoothies business. As a typical beverage kiosk, Smoothies display counter need to be equipped with fridge, freezer, sink, working bench and display showcase. You can get more information from detailed drawings or floor plan.

For most of the smoothies kiosk, Material used on the kiosk is very important, We use high-quality plywood to build the body structure. And we apply counter top with man-made stone or artificial stone. Because Stone has a smooth and solid surface will enhance the hardness and not easily break.

How to start a smoothies kiosk business in mall?

To start a smoothies kiosk in mall, you need to do some homework. and ask yourself several questions. Here I will tell you how to start a mall used smoothies kiosk. Other juice bar or any mall kiosk business will be the same procedure.

1, First of all, working with the mall manager to get a lease. For this step, you will be required to submit the drawings of the kiosk that you plan to install.

2, Find the right manufacturer who can provide design and manufacturing service for your kiosk (ADS: UNIQUE KIOSK CAN DO )

3, Install the kiosk in the mall. Here are two situations :

  • you buy smoothies kiosk from local , They normally provide install service , but will be expensive.
  • if you buy from far away or from China. you need to install yourself or find a contractor help you on it , which will be cheap a lot.

4, Hire Workers and start making money.

Above all , Opening smoothies Kiosks are far more flexible than big box stores: you can easily rotate the products you display, relocate to a high traffic area or new location.

Unique Kiosk is a leading designer & manufacturer of Smoothies Kiosk, If you are looking for high-quality mall used juice & smoothies kiosk or juice cart. Unique will be your best choice. Contact our team new to get the most popular kiosk design and best kiosk price.

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