With the fast development of society, more and more people want to open their new business. In summer and hot weather, open a smoothie kiosk is a good choice. As it is easy to run, cost less and earn more. Before opening the smoothie booth, you should rent a place first and decoration your food shop in a unique way. Only unique design can attracts people and make your shop outstanding. Today, I want to share an elegant smoothie kiosk design with you. Hope it can help you better.

How to get a unique smoothie kiosk?

  • Confirm the layout and size first. Every business need a location in the mall center or street shop. So you should rent a place first, then confirm the decoration
  • Deside the color, style of the smoothie counter. As for a unique bar counter stand, it should follow on your idea and match the brand.
  • Make a 3D design accroding to the description. The design drawing will show the details of all the kiosk clearly.
  • Check the design and confirm it. If you think there is somewhere you want to modify better, we can modify soon.
  • When production follow on the confirmed design, you can get the right kiosk you want.

3D design picture show

The size is about 5m×3m. The back counter is a working place with sink. The machine put in the corner for convenient use. In the front side, there is bar chairs for customers to sit down and enjoy food. You can use color light to the counter body to make your shop fantastic. Do you like this shop decoration?

food kiosk bar counter drink booth

If you have any new ideas about smoothie shop decoration, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to discuss more details with you. And make a perfect booth for your business.

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