Environmental Friendly Food Kiosk Smoothie Booth for Sale

bubble tea kioskBubble tea, ice cream, smoothies, and frozen yogurt are popular in Summer. It’s a good time to prepare a smoothie business. You can also sell bubble tea, milkshake, beverages, and cakes to increase sales. Today, I want to share a nice food kiosk sharing with you.

Description of smoothie kiosk

This smoothie kiosk size is m by 3m, suitable for a place near the elevator, close to the wall, or even the corner. No matter where your location is, it’s a good idea to choose a suitable smoothie kiosk to start a business.

smoothie cabinet

Material information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Laminate or veneer

Countertop: Stone

Other materials: Stickers, lightbox painting, stainless steel, lighting, etc.

The main color is wooden and white. The wooden color depends on which plank you choose. And the color of each batch of plates is a little different, subject to the actual.

drink kioskDetails information

We can see there is open shelving in front, the middle has a cashier counter. You can set up a POS register to check orders. The side is a long bar counter with a curved corner, it’s good to use as a dining table with bar chairs. We can also put up posters at the corner to attract clients.

While the back has an L shape counter, machines can place it on the countertop for work. While the bottom has a cabinet with shelving for storage. There is a high back wall behind, menus, lightbox painting, brand logo can attach here.

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