Slushy drinks are a common cold drink in summer and are also a good product for reducing heat. Slushy drinks are made of ice particles crushed by an ice shaver and seasonings. It melts in your mouth. Most smoothies are mainly made of pigment, fruit powder, and crushed ice cubes. Of course, you can also innovate, improve or choose fresh and creative materials yourself to make delicious slushy drinks. In the mall, we can see some slushy drinks display kiosk, this is a very popular business, and it is not unusual to see it in the mall.

Mall Slushy Drinks Display Kiosk

The mall has always been a very lively place with many famous brands selling. It is a place that accommodates many businesses. If you are a muddy drink, you can apply for a position with the mall and start your business inside. Once we have a position, we will start a business with a kiosk. The kiosk is like a counter in a store, we can use it to check cash and make drinks. The slushy drinks kiosk that I want to introduce today is used in the mall. The size of the location obtained by our customers is relatively large, and the corresponding kiosk will also be large.

Slushy Drinks Kiosk Details

This kiosk has a cash register and meal collection area, a taste display area, a work area, and a seating area. Its colors, poster pictures, etc. are all designed according to the customer’s brand. We all know that there are many flavors of slush drinks, different flavors have different colors, and each color also represents a kind of fruit. So we can put the pictures of each fruit on the kiosk so that customers will also know our taste.

The middle counter displays our main slush flavors, which have 24 kinds. Customers can see it from the front and back. The display of this main product must be obvious. In front of the kiosk is the cashier counter, on the outside you can put our logo and some pictures of drinks. Inside the kiosk is a workbench, we can put the machine on the table, and the ice maker can be placed directly on the ground.


Behind the kiosk is the seating area, which is well separated from the inner working table, which is very convenient for customers and kiosk workers.

Regarding the decoration of kiosks, such as tiles, watermelon shapes, drink cup models, lightboxes, fruit, and poster stickers, etc., these can be designed according to customer requirements. Our designers will also help us design some attractive shapes.

Kiosk Information

 Size: 18x18ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Decoration: Sticker, tile, luminous logo, lightbox

Others: Stainless steel, tempered glass, sockets, sink

Slushy Drinks Kiosk Production

Our production is carried out according to the design. The stickers, logos, and lightbox pictures in the design drawings are all provided by the customer. We will print them out and install them on the kiosk. There are many colors of tiles, and there will be a certain deviation between the actual picture and the design drawing, so before starting to buy the tiles, we will send you a picture of your choice.

The color of the kiosk is the same. Its surface treatment is baking varnish, and the main color is dark blue. Dark blue is also divided into many kinds, so we also need to choose the color before baking. If you have some large machines, you need to tell us the size. We will design a suitable location inside and install the socket. They can all be run by the machine.

Slushy Drinks Kiosk Assemble

Since our sockets, logos, lightboxes, etc. all need electricity, we have installed wires in the cabinet. Considering the problem of transportation, this kiosk must be packaged in several parts, but each individual cabinet is complete. When you receive the goods, just simply assemble them.
We can put the separate cabinets together according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the connectors under two adjacent cabinets. After everything is connected, there is the main wire under the cabinet of the cash register, and we need to connect it to the mall. Then the assembly of the kiosk is complete.

Order Process

If you want to make a kiosk in the mall, you can tell me what size you need. We need to make a design first. Design can help us confirm many details and send them to the mall for review, which is a very important step. Only after designing, we can proceed with the next steps.

When we complete the design and pass the review of the mall, we will start production. The production time is about 28 working days. We can also arrange transportation to your port or designated address. We are a company integrating design, production, and transportation, and you can get a complete set of services here.

Design details

Our design fee is 300USD, it allows modification, we can help you get the mall approval. The design time is 2-3 working days.

Kiosk price

The kiosk price is based on the final design, we need to know its size, material, and style. You can tell me what size you need and send us your favorite kiosk picture, we can give you an estimated price.


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